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The Texas Tech University Health Sciences center is part of the Texas Tech University System and operates medical and health care education and patient care at multiple campuses across the state of Texas.

The physical campuses of TTUHSC are organized into five regions – Abilene, Amarillo, Dallas/Fort Worth, Lubbock, and Midland and Odessa.

This regional concept allows the schools to establish and operate student education programs, physician residency training programs, continuing education programs, and outreach programs that have proved to be a vital factor in the placement of graduates in practice sites across in West Texas, and to support the practice of medicine, nursing, and health professions in this vast area.

Leadership Teams

The Deans of the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Health Professions, School of Pharmacy, and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences report to the President as Chief Executive Officer of TTUHSC.

School of Medicine

Administrative governance and authority of the medical school is situated in Lubbock, and the Dean, as Chief Academic Officer, is fully responsible for the conduct and maintenance of quality educational experiences and related academic and clinical programs offered by the campuses at Amarillo and Odessa.

The Regional Deans of Medicine at Amarillo and Odessa are responsible to the Dean of the School of Medicine in Lubbock for academic programs enabling the Dean to maintain quality assurance in the academic program.

School of Nursing

Regional Deans of Nursing in Abilene and Odessa, report directly to their respective Deans in Lubbock.

School of Health Professions

Regional Deans of Health Professions in Amarillo, Odessa and Midland report directly to their respective Deans in Lubbock.

School of Pharmacy

The Dean of Pharmacy is located in Amarillo, with Regional Deans located in Lubbock, Dallas, and Abilene reporting to the Dean in Amarillo.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Associate Deans in Amarillo and Abilene report directly to the Dean, located in Lubbock.