TTUHSC Center for Cardiovascular Research

Center for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research


The Center for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research was established in May 2014 by an executive order of the Dean of the School of Medicine, Dr. Steven L. Berk. The CECVR is headed by Kumuda C. Das, PhD as the Director and Dr. Scott Shurmur, MD as the clinical Co-Director of the Center. The CECVR is one of-a-kind in the TTUHSC system that will promote cardiovascular research by providing leadership in collaboration and co-operation between two important foundations of discovery of modern medicine; Cardiovascular Research Monitorthe basic cardiovascular research and the clinical cardiovascular problems. The center will strive to achieve excellence in bridging these two vital components of cardiovascular discovery to challenge the existing problems in cardiovascular diseases. The efforts will be geared to develop a world-class cardiovascular research center and clinical translational center.

TTUHSC educates and trains healthcare professionals and the scientist of tomorrow who will shape the future of modern medicine. Therefore, it is very important today as to how we train them and how we expose them to cutting age biomedical research and scientific intervention strategies for care and management of cardiovascular diseases. The goals of the CECVR are uniquely poised to enhance and inculcate these themes in the physicians and scientists of tomorrow. In the education and research front, increase involvement of graduate students, fellows and residents in cutting edge cardiovascular research projects within the center will expose them to problems of cardiovascular diseases and to search for solutions or interventions by developing creative ideas of solution and testing those in the laboratory. In addition, clinical trials of newly discovered interventions will bring the bench discovery to the bedside to witness the final fruits of years of medical research. A resident, fellow or a student undergoing in these intense environments of critical scientific thinking and practicing to convert thoughts to action and finally, taking the bench research to bedside will shape a better physician and scientist who would be able to steer the course of future of medicine.

Director Clinical Co-Director Videos

Dr. Kumuda C. Das, PhD.

Kumuda C Das, PhD.

Dr. Scott shurmur, MD.

Scott Shurmur, MD.

Blood Flow in Mouse Coronary Artery

Echocardiography of Mouse Heart B-Mode

Echocardiography of Mouse Heart M-Mode