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Core Curriculum

Students who will be earning their first baccalaureate degree from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center must satisfy the coursework requirements of the TTUHSC Core Curriculum.

This base of general knowledge provides students with a foundation in the natural and applied sciences, social sciences, mathematics, humanities, visual and performing arts, and the tools of language and thought. The TTUHSC Core Curriculum complies with 1997 Texas legislation that requires each state-supported institution to establish a core curriculum that encompasses “basic intellectual competencies in . . . reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, and computer literacy. ”

These courses or their equivalents may be taken at any regionally accredited college or university and should be completed with a grade of “C” or higher before enrolling at TTUHSC. Students should choose only Core Curriculum courses that satisfy the requirements of their particular TTUHSC degree program, as different core courses may be required by different programs.

The TTUHSC Core Curriculum comprises 42 credit hours of course work as stipulated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

6 credit hours
*ENGL1301 Composition I (3)
*ENGL1302 Composition II (3)
3 credit hours
Courses with prefix MATH (3) 3
Natural Sciences
6 credit hours
Courses with prefixes BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, PHYS, or other natural science 6
Visual and Performing Arts
3 credit hours
Any art, music, drama, or theatre arts course 3
3 credit hours
Any literature, philosophy, modern or classical language/literature, or cultural studies course 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences
15 credit hours
*HIST1301 United States History I (3)
*HIST1302 United States History II (3)
(Students may substitute 3 credit hours of Texas history for 3 credit hours of United States history)
*GOVT2301 American Government I (3)
*GOVT2302 American Government II (3)
Any psychology, sociology, or anthropology course (3)

Core Curriculum Electives
6 credit hours chosen from the fields of study listed above

Total 42

*Course numbers listed are based on the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS). Check with your academic institution to verify the course number that corresponds with the TCCNS number.