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LARC Disaster Preparedness

The LARC disaster preparedness plan is designed to provide information regarding the care of laboratory animals during disaster emergencies to the TTUHSC laboratory animal facilities.

The responsibilities of personnel working in the Laboratory Animal Resources Center (LARC) facilities is outlined within each chapter. The plan documents below are designed to do the following: Guide you during disaster, Advise you of potential emergency situations, and Help you to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations.

Disasters can occur at any time and without warning. The ability to handle disasters is a responsibility of each individual working with animals in every animal care and use facility as well as an organizational responsibility of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. The better prepared you are, the more quickly you can take appropriate action and minimize confusion that may occur during a disaster. Of particular concern is to accurately communicate Bomb Threats to the TTUHSC Campus Police.

For more information on disaster procedures contact the Laboratory Animal Resources Center (LARC) at 806-743-2565 or by email . Also, be sure to visit the TTUHSC Emergency Preparedness Website.