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COIC Annual Disclosure

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              2018 Conflict of Interest and Commitment Training and Disclosure Module


What is required?

It is the policy of TTUHSC that all employees should disclose any potential and actual conflict of interest and commitment on an annual basis, and update within thirty (30) days of discovering or acquiring new interest and commitment.

Why do I need to complete the disclosure form every year?

TTUHSC is committed to ensuring the ethical and civic responsibilities of the institution and its mission. To assure that Conflict of interest is identified and managed appropriately, TTUHSC must maintain a timely file of disclosed information.

How to complete the annual disclosure?

The electronic 2018 Conflict of Interest & Commitment Training and Disclosure form is required to be completed by all TTUHSC employees on ACME

The 2018 Training and Disclosure Module is also available at here if you need to update your information at any time.

The COIC disclosure form contains 10 questions that cover different topics, such as financial interest, healthcare vendor relations, outside employment, external activities and etc. Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. If you are not sure whether the information should be disclosed or not, it is always better to disclose it first.

Have questions?

If you have questions regarding the training and disclosure process, please check our FAQs first.

If you could not find answers to your questions, or if you have technical questions about completing the training and disclosure module, please contact the Conflict of Interest and Commitment Coordinator at (806) 743-2307, or by email at