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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a conflict of Interest?

A conflict of interest refers to a situation in which an Employee’s financial, professional, or other personal considerations may directly or indirectly affect, or have the appearance of affecting, the Employee’s judgment in exercising any duty or responsibility, including the conduct or reporting of research, owed to the Institution.

2. What is a conflict of commitment?

A conflict of commitment refers to a situation where an Employee engages in external activities, either paid or unpaid, that interfere with his/her obligation and commitment to the Institution. Employees should evaluate and arrange their external interests in order to avoid compromising their ability to carry out their obligations to the Institution. A conflict of commitment occurs whenever an Employee’s outside activities exceed the permitted limits or whenever an Employee’s professional loyalty is not to the Institution.

3. Does TTUHSC have a policy on Conflict of Interest and Commitment?

Yes, you can access the HSC OP 10.05 Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy here.

4. What is a financial interest?

A financial interest includes, but is not limited to:

• Anything of monetary value, including but not limited to salary or other payments for services, fees, honoraria, “gifts,” or other “in kind” compensation whether for consulting, membership on a board of directors or advisory board, or any other purpose such as partial, interim, or milestone payments.
• Intellectual property rights including, but not limited to, patents, copyrights, and royalty income or the right to receive future royalties under a patent or other intellectual property rights, whether pursuant to a license or otherwise.
• Ownership and equity interests or entitlement to such interests in a publicly or non-publicly traded business, including, but not limited to, stock, stock options, partnership interests, and convertible debt. It does not include interests in publicly-traded diversified mutual funds where the individual investor has no control over the selection of holdings.

5. How do I complete the Conflict of Interest and Commitment training and disclosure form?

The 2018 Conflict of Interest and Commitment training and disclosure form is located at here. You could also access the module through the "Training resources" tab on WebRaider.

6. How often do I have to recertify my training?

You are required to take the Conflict of Interest and Commitment training on an annual basis.

7. Who must complete an annual conflict of interest and commitment disclosure?

All employees of TTUHSC must complete conflict of interest and commitment disclosure form on an annual basis and update whenever there is change or new interests and commitment.

8. Why do I have to complete a Disclosure form each year?

TTUHSC is committed to ensuring the ethical and civic responsibilities of the institution and its mission. To assure that Conflict of interest is identified and managed appropriately, TTUHSC must maintain a timely file of disclosed information.

9. When are employees required to complete their annual conflict of interest and commitment disclosure form?

The electronic Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure form is required to be completed by employees when they finish the annual COIC training on ACME. COIC coordinator will send out several emails to remind you of the upcoming training requirement.

10. How do employees complete their online annual conflict of interest disclosure form?

The 2018 Conflict of Interest and Commitment training and disclosure form is located at here. The Module is also available at here if you need to update your disclosure form at any time.

11. Why do I have to disclose the significant/material financial interests of my family members?

Many employees are affected by the financial interests of their family members. Therefore, the impact of your work at TTUHSC on the significant financial interests of your family members raises the same potential conflict of interest issues as your own significant financial interests.

12. Do I have to report income from investment vehicles, such as mutual funds and retirement accounts?

No, provided these are managed by a third party.

13. If I received salary, royalties, reimbursements or other payments from TTUHSC, do I ever need to report these?


14. If I report a significant financial interest will I be required to divest myself of that interest?

Not necessarily. Such disclosures are reviewed on a case-by-case basis; there is no set formula that can be applied to determine whether or not a significant financial interest will constitute a financial conflict of interest. Even if a financial conflict does exist there are other ways of dealing with conflicts that will be explored by the Office of Institutional Compliance and the Conflict of Interest and Commitment Committee. Situations requiring a divestiture of financial interests are likely to be rare.

15. If I disclose once, do I have to disclose again?

Disclosures are to be completed annually and must be updated within 30 days of obtaining new financial or other personal interests.

16. Who can I contact if I have a question?

The Office of Institutional Compliance can assist you with any conflict of interest and commitment issues and can be reached at 806-743-3949. If you have a question regarding Conflict of Interest in Research, please contact our Research Integrity Office.

17. What should I do if I think a policy is being violated?

Any individual concerned that an undisclosed conflict and/or commitment may exist or that a policy is being violated should contact the Office of Institutional Compliance (806-743-3949) or Conflict of Interest and Commitment Coordinator Xin Shen Wang.

18. More FAQs regarding Health Care Vendor Interactions can be found here:

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