Research in the School of Health Professions is one of the core objectives of its academic mission. The SHP Research initiatives are aimed at elevating healthcare both regionally and nationally by transforming laboratory findings into healthcare practices and encouraging innovation that translates discoveries from bench to practitioner and public.

The primary research objectives for the School of Health Professions are to:

  • Inspire faculty members to pursue research, publication, and scholarship engagements appropriate to, as well as available within, their disciplines.
  • Encourage faculty research collaboration with other disciplines, departments and specialties outside of their professional domain.
  • Support education and research focused around the established Ph.D. Program in Rehabilitation Science. 
  • Expand external funding from all available sources for grants, awards and contracts.
  • Provide appropriate levels of administrative and operational support for faculty research and grant participation.

The SHP research infrastructure has been substantially enhanced to accomplish these objectives, progressively increasing SHP faculty scholarship and external funding across the previous decade. The last year produced over a 50% increase in Faculty poster and platform presentations, over a 50% increase in peer-reviewed publications and over a 175% increase in internal and external grant awards compared to the annual averages across the previous 5 years. The SHP is presently research collaborating with over 15 different departments at TTU and TTUHSC, as well as over 20 different Texas, national and international universities.