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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) is seeking reaffirmation of accreditation in December 2019 by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). As part of this process, TTUHSC must develop a Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP. This is a five-year initiative to improve a specific aspect of student learning or student success across the institution, regardless of academic program or campus affiliation.

Through the next QEP, we want to promote the holistic development of all TTUHSC students. In addition to producing healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable in their fields, we want to develop engaged and productive members of society who prioritize self-care and seek to achieve healthy balances across multiple dimensions of their lives—physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. This emphasis on wellness and self-renewal will lay the foundation upon which our students can enhance their productivity, work collaboratively, and handle challenges more effectively today and in the future.

QEP Development Task Force Members

  • Ms. Leslie Collins, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Lauren Sullivan, Co-Chair
  • Ms. Christine Andrews
  • Dr. Jeff Dennis
  • Ms. Tho Dinh
  • Mr. Jacob Gault
  • Dr. Matthew Geddie
  • Ms. Dana Granger
  • Ms. Allison Kerin
  • Dr. Alan Korinek
  • Dr. Patti Patterson
  • Dr. Deborah Sikes


March 19-May 4: Weekly meetings/completion of assigned tasks

May 8: Advisory visit by SACSCOC Vice President

May 9-July 20: Continued development of the proposal

July 22-25: 2018 Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation (Atlanta, GA)

July 30-Dec. 7: Continued development of the proposal

December 8-11: 2018 SACSCOC Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA)

January. 7-Feb. 4: Finalize QEP proposal

February 5: Submission of QEP proposal to SACSCOC

March 19-21: SACSCOC on-site peer review

March 25: End of task force commitment

Meeting Agendas

Contact Information

Leslie Collins, JD


(806) 743-2918

Lauren Sullivan, Ed.D


(806) 743-2748