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Barracuda Spam Firewall

In an effort to reduce the amount of unsolicited e-mail, viruses, and spyware, TTUHSC ITuses a spam firewall service from Barracuda Networks. Utilizing both hardware and software configurations, the service offers multiple layers of defense including anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-denial-of-service and other defenses to protect the TTUHSC email system from attack.

By default, the service is designed to offer a high level of protection with little or no action from the TTUHSC email user.

The primary level of protection is maintained by Barracuda Networks in the form of a reputation-based blacklist. This is a list of IP addresses known for continuous spam traffic and is updated on a regular basis by Barracuda Networks.  An additional level also scores messages and blocks their delivery if suspected as spam.

Another level of protection involves a user specific blacklist and whitelist.

  • The blacklist contains email addresses and domains from which mail is never accepted. Any attempt to deliver a message from a blacklisted source will result in an auto-reply to the offender's ISP or server noting that the message has been blocked.
  • The whitelist contains email addresses and domains from which mail is accepted, unless blacklisted by Barracuda, regardless if it is suspected as spam.
  • Blacklisting or whitelisting a domain will result in blocking or allowing all mail from that domain, not just specific email addresses.

Click Here for instructions on adding and removing email addresses from the Whitelist and Blacklist.

All mail originating from the TTUHSC domain is automatically exempt from the spam firewall service. It is not necessary to whitelist the domain,, or any TTUHSC address.

The IT Solutions Center will gladly assist users in managing their Blacklist and Whitelist. Click Here to submit a work order or call the TTUHSC IT Solutions Center at (806) 743-1234. Users may also Click Here to manage their lists directly online. Enter your email address and eRaider password to login. An FAQ page is also available to address common questions and concerns regarding the spam firewall service.