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Email Encryption


In compliance with HIPAA and TTUHSC IT security guidelines, a new email encryption service has been implemented. TTUHSC secure email is easy-to-use, supports all email platforms and ensures that only the intended registered recipient can see the email's contents and attachments.

This new service gives the TTUHSC user control and the peace of mind that email sent outside the TTUHSC domain will be protected. Once an encrypted email is sent, the only copy, outside of TTUHSC, is stored on the recipient's email server or client. The TTUHSC secure email service simply provides the recipient a key to open the encrypted email.

Sending Encrypted Email

  • Any email can be encrypted simply by placing the phrase [Send Secure] or [SS] at the beginning of the Subject Line.

 Encryption Instructions

  • Email sent outside of TTUHSC.EDU will be encrypted. Internal email will not be encrypted.Email containing personnel or patient information including medical information, Social Security numbers, credit information, etc. or other sensitive information relating to TTUHSC business should be encrypted.
  • The only copy of encrypted email, outside of TTUHSC, is on the recipient's email server or client.

Receiving Encrypted Email

  • In addition to the encrypted email message notification, the recipient may receive a Welcome message prompting them to create an account with our secure email service. Recipients must create this account in order to view secure email from TTUHSC.
  • Recipients should follow the prompts included with the message to set up their account

Encrypted Email Support

Additional information and instructions for TTUHSC secure email services can be found by searching our IT knowledge base at

If you have any questions about sending or receiving encrypted email or Secure Email in general, please contact the TTUHSC IT Solution Center at (806) 743-1234 or email

The IT Solution Center is open Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (CST).