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Project Management Office

The overall goal of the ITPMO is to promote the successful delivery of Information Technology projects at TTUHSC in accordance with Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 216, and the State of Texas Project Delivery Framework. Our major objectives are to maintain oversight and accountability of IT projects, assist the Chief Information Officer with effective allocation of information resources to projects, facilitate knowledge transfer concerning project management practices, assist customers with IT project initiation, and communicate with customers regarding the status of their IT projects.

What is an IT project?

An Information Technology project will meet all of the following criteria:

1. Is a temporary work effort, i.e., has a specific duration and a defined start and end date;

2. The outcome is a unique process, product, or service;

3. Requires multiple tasks and/or skills to complete;

4. Includes a technology component; i.e., will involve hardware, software, systems, or data, or some other technology component.

How do I initiate an IT project?

You may initiate an IT project by using the link Submit a Project Request which requires the use of the Internet Explorer browser and your e-Raider login credentials. Use the format ttuhsc\your e-Raider (no spaces), and your e-Raider password.

Project Governance & Schedule

All IT projects must complete two governance reviews before work can begin. For this reason, customers are encouraged to submit their Project Requests at least six months prior to the planned project start date (see additional information on construction projects).  Please see Governance for governance review dates and project submission deadlines.


ITPMO classifies projects into 5 levels: Major, 1, 2, 3, or Minor. View the required templates for each level. If your project has already been classified, please view the Project Checklist to fill out the appropriate template.


Computer Based Training - View a list of self-paced, interactive online courses for Project Management. (eRaider login required)

Helpful Links

View a list of Project Management-related links.

Contact Information

  • Chanse Bruns
    Enterprise IT Project Administrator
    Information Technology Division
    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
    Preston Smith Library
  • Zach Sanders
    Enterprise IT Project Coordinator
    Information Technology Division
    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
    Preston Smith Library

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