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Harrington Library of the Health Sciences

1400 Wallace Blvd.
Amarillo, TX 79106-1708

Phone: 806-414-9964
Fax: 806-354-5430


Monday - Thursday   7:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 2:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Special Holiday hours are posted in the Library, or by calling the Circulation Dept., 806-414-9964.





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The Amarillo campus of TTUHSC is home to the Harrington Library of the Health Sciences, one of the four-campus, four-library array of the Health Sciences Center. Along with the other three libraries of the multi-campus system located in Lubbock, Odessa, and El Paso, the TTUHSC Libraries of the Health Sciences collectively form one of the Resource Libraries of the National Library of Medicine/South Central Region. While they exist primarily to meet the biomedical and health care information needs of the TTUHSC students, faculty, and staff, the libraries also serve the wider non-affiliated biomedical community of West Texas, as well as the citizenry of Texas, with a wide variety of information services.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center supports the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Allied Health at its Amarillo campus. In all, the four campus libraries provide information support to over 3,000 employees, 1719 students, and 503 residents, as well as to a large number of unaffiliated health care personnel scattered throughout West Texas.

The library was formally named the Harrington Library of the Health Sciences in April, 1981. Don and Sybil Harrington were prominent Amarillo philanthropists concerned with quality health care in the Panhandle and were instrumental in the development of the regional medical center.

We hope that you will find the libraries of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center convenient, well equipped and ready to meet your information needs.

Terri Wilson, MLS
Unit Associate Director of Libraries


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The Harrington Library of the Health Sciences serves the TTUHSC Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Allied Health. As the major resource of clinical information in West Texas, the library also serves health professionals throughout the area.

Checkout privileges are available for faculty, staff and students of TTUHSC, as well as for faculty and graduate students of Texas Tech University. Friends of the Library and contract members also have checkout privileges. On-site use of the collection is available to the general public.

For additional information concerning access to services, please contact Terri Wilson, Unit Associate Director, 806-414-9957.

  • Drinks are permitted in the Library; food is not permitted.
  • Please be considerate of those near you if you carry a cell phone.
  • Children must be under the direct and constant supervision of an adult so as not to be a disturbance.
  • For your protection, don't leave your personal possessions unattended. Due to liability risks, circulation staff will not be responsible for watching patron property. The patron is responsible for their own property.


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TTUHSC students, staff, and faculty - to create your library account, login to the catalog with your eRaider and click Your Personal Details. Additional members of the TTU and public community may qualify for TTUHSC library privileges. For more information, please see the library privileges LibGuide.

  • Loan period for regular items is two weeks.
  • Reserve items have a loan period ranging from two hours to two weeks, as determined by the professor. Ask the circulation staff for details concerning any particular reserve item.
  • Journals and reference items are available for in-house use only.
  • Faculty may request a month's checkout period with one two-week renewal.
Two renewals are allowed by phone (806-414-9964) or in person. Exceptions are:
  • If the item is overdue.
  • If a HOLD has been placed on the item.
  • Circulation counter.
  • Book drop outside the first level entrance to 1400 Wallace Blvd.
  • Book drop between the SOM and SOP buildings
  • General collection items--$ .50 per day per item after a three-day grace period.
  • Reserve items--$ .50 per hour per item.
  • Loss of library privileges until paid.
  • In an effort to help patrons avoid overdue fines, courtesy reminder notices will be sent via e-mail two days prior to the day the items are due. However, patrons are responsible for returning items on time, as well as any fines accrued, even if a notice was not received.
Charges include:
  • Cost of the material
  • Processing fee ($25.00)
  • Accrued fines.

Loss of library privileges until paid. Damaged material must still be returned to the library, as it is state property. The same is true of materials reported as lost but later found. Lost items are billed at cost of the item, plus $25.00 handling fee, plus accrued fines. The Koha system already calculates the cost of the book along with the $25.00 handling fee. If the lost item is found, the patron should return it to the library and the previous transaction becomes a donation. The library does not refund money for lost items if and when they are found.


  • Notify the circulation staff when you have a name, address, phone number, pager, or e-mail address change.


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Self service copies using the photocopier in the library are $0.10 per page

Copy services offered by the Interlibrary Loan staff for materials in this library are available for a fee of $ .25 per page (or $ .50 per page, rush) to authorized users and may be charged to a department account or paid on an individual cash/check basis.


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DO NOT reshelve books and journals. It is time-consuming for you and usage statistics cannot be collected by staff if patrons reshelve. Place items on any available shelf or table. Library staff will retrieve, record and reshelve the items.

Library staff will assist you if you have difficulty locating materials.


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The ILL office is staffed 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (telephone: 806-414-9960). ILL requests may be left at the Circulation or Reference Desks all hours the Library is open.

Interlibrary Loan service is available to all TTUHSC affiliated library users requiring books, photocopies of journal articles, or audiovisuals not available in the Harrington Library. Request forms are available for patrons to complete and sign in the ILL office or at the Circulation counter during evenings and weekends. Interlibrary Loan requests may also be submitted using the Online ILL Request form available through the Libraries' home page.

Requests made after 4:00 p.m. are normally processed the following work day, except in the case of a clinical emergency.

When borrowing from other units of the TTUHSC Libraries, the following fees apply:
  • Books: free.
  • Journal articles: $.25/page (maximum fee: $4.00)
  • Audiovisuals: $2.00/item
  • Rush delivery: $.50/page (maximum fee: $10.00)
For TTUHSC faculty, students or staff borrowing from outside of the TTUHSC Library system, the following fees apply:
  • Books: $4.00/item
  • Journal articles: $4.00/item
  • Audiovisuals: $4.00/item
  • Rush delivery of any item (for clinical emergencies only): $10.00
For TTUHSC Friends or contract users borrowing from outside of the TTUHSC Library system, the following fees apply:
  • Books: $4.00/item
  • Journal articles: $4.00/item
  • Audiovisuals: $4.00/item
  • Rush delivery of any item (for clinical emergencies only): $10.00
  • Materials are received in approximately 2-5 working days for routine requests.
  • RUSH requests are normally received within 24 working hours.
  • Materials are received in approximately 7 to 10 working days.
  • RUSH requests are usually received within 24 working hours.
  • Processed immediately with a goal of 1 hour turnaround time.
  • Patrons are notified by phone when items are received.
  • Pick up is at the Circulation counter.
  • Cash/check is required at pickup unless a departmental account number is provided on the request.
Phone: (806) 414-9960; or E-mail:

LOANSOME DOC: For information concerning Loansome Doc agreements, contact Ronetta Mills (806-414-9960) or Terri Wilson (806-414-9957).


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The Library has one Conference room which can be used by TTUHSC students for group study. This room may be reserved by calling the Circulation Dept., 806-414-9964. This room is equipped with a dry board, dry markers, and an eraser. Internet hookup is available.

Individual study carrels are located around the perimeter of the first and second floors of the Library. On the 2nd floor, 11 study areas are outfitted with Internet hook-up for laptop computers.

A computer lab, maintained by the Computer Services Department, is available on the second floor of the Library. These computers may be used by TTUHSC faculty, staff, and students for Internet searching, e-mail and word processing.


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All books are shelved on the second floor of the Library, according to the National Library of Medicine and Library of Congress call numbers.

All journals are shelved alphabetically by title on the first floor of the Library. A current issue display shelf is adjacent to the elevator.

Reserves are located at the Circulation Desk on the first floor.


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  • Reference librarians are available: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • They are available in person in the library and can also be contacted by e-mail, phone, or FAX. (Contact information below.)
  • Reference Librarians can help patrons do research using online databases, Internet resources, and print resources.
  • They can perform individualized searches upon request for a fee for authorized users.
  • Orientations and tours are available either for groups or individuals.
  • Consultation, individual training, or group training is available for a variety of online databases, including PubMed. (Contact information below.)


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Outreach services focus on information needs of health professionals in the Texas Panhandle. Contract packages are available for institutions needing library or information services and document delivery. Contracts ensure optimum, efficient, and timely use of library services. Additional benefits include: borrowing privileges, Interlibrary Loan services, search training, Loansome Doc access, and online catalog access. Fees for contracts are based on the size of the institution and the services requested.

Individuals receive services through membership in Friends of the Library. (Contact information below.)


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The Friends of the Library program provides access to the services and collections of the TTUHSC Libraries for those individuals not affiliated with TTUHSC. The nonrefundable membership fee is $100 per year.

Membership benefits include:
  • Borrowing privileges at all four TTUHSC libraries.
  • Computer search service (fee-based).
  • Document delivery service.
  • Interlibrary Loan services
  • Search training.
  • Loansome Doc access.
    (Contact information below.)


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The Libraries' home page is accessible from any campus or off-campus location. Some links, however, will require registration through the TTUHSC proxy server. If prompted to do so, you will be required to enter your HSC eRaider username and password. Friends of the Library and contract users have access to the Library's electronic resources from computers located within the Library, but will not be able to access them from off-campus computers.

Electronic resources available from the home page include:
  • Catalog of library holdings.
  • A broad range of databases covering medicine, nursing, biomedicine, allied health, pharmacy, psychology, consumer health, and general information.
  • Access to electronic journals.
  • Access to electronic books.
  • Bibliographic management software.

Publisher and consortial group terms and conditions determine years of holdings to electronic journals.


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Persons with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services are requested to contact the Circulation Dept., (806) 414-9964, so that appropriate arrangements can be made.


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1. Those persons using the collections and services of the Harrington Library of the Health Sciences or TTUHSC Libraries of the Health Sciences are reminded that violations of Copyright law (Title 17, United States Code) are criminal activities. This includes the "pirating," or illegal copying of software. Violators run the risk of arrest, substantial fine, and perhaps incarceration. Students discovered in such activities will be reported to their Deans and will be denied library privileges.

2. Attempts by patrons to coerce or otherwise force library staff to violate copyright law are similarly criminal activities, and will result in the suspension of library privileges for those involved. This library system strictly adheres to copyright guidelines and is a member of the CCC (Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.)

3. It is the responsibility of library staff to maintain and monitor the use of the library's computers. It is against library policy for computers maintained by the library to be used for personal use, including personal e-mail. Furthermore, it is illegal to use state property for private or financial gain.

4. Failure to cooperate with library policies regarding circulation, overdues, payment for library services, recalled materials, and computer or scanner usage will result in suspension or cancellation of all library privileges.


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BF Psychology
L Education
QA Mathematics
QD Chemistry
Preclinical Sciences

QS Human Anatomy
QT Physiology
QU Biochemistry
QV Pharmacology
QW Microbiology and Immunology
QX Parasitology
QY Clinical Pathology
QZ Pathology
T Technology
Medicine and Related Subjects

W   Health Professions
WA   Public Health
WB   Practice of Medicine
WC   Communicable Diseases
WD 100 Nutrition Disorders
WD 200 Metabolic Diseases
WD 300 Immunologic and Collagen Diseases. Hypersensitivity
WD 400 Animal Poisons
WD 500 Plant Poisons
WD 600 Diseases and Injuries Caused by Physical Agents
WD 700 Aviation and Space Medicine
WE   Musculoskeletal System
WF   Respiratory System
WG   Cardiovascular System
WH   Hemic and Lymphatic Systems
WI   Digestive System
WJ   Urogenital System
WK   Endocrine System
WL   Nervous System
WM   Psychiatry
WN   Radiology. Diagnostic Imaging
WO   Surgery
WP   Gynecology
WQ   Obstetrics
WR   Dermatology
WS   Pediatrics
WT   Geriatrics. Chronic Disease
WU   Dentistry. Oral Surgery
WV   Otolaryngology
WX   Hospitals and other Health Facilities
WY   Nursing
WZ   History of Medicine


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Administration 806-414-9964  
Circulation 806-414-9964
Conference Room, Reservation 806-414-9964  
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Donations 806-414-9959  
Fax 806-354-5430  
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Interlibrary Loan 806-414-9960
Loansome Doc 806-414-9960  
Orientations, Library 806-414-9964  
Outreach services 806-414-9957  
Photocopying 806-414-9964  
Purchase recommendations 806-414-9957  
Reference services:    
    Skyla Bryant 806-414-9535
    Position Open 806-414-xxxx  
    Terri Wilson 806-414-9957
Reserve items 806-414-9964  
Renewal, book 806-414-9964  
Serials 806-414-9959


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