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TexShare FAQ

What is TexShare?

From the official TexShare website: "TexShare is a consortium of Texas libraries joining together to share print and electronic materials, purchase online resources, and combine staff expertise. TexShare services are available to patrons of participating member libraries all across Texas, regardless of institution type, size, or location. The consortium is administered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission."

What is a TexShare database?

From the official TexShare website: "The TexShare Database Program provides a wealth of electronic database resources to over 700 public, academic, and libraries of clinical medicine throughout the state at a significant cost savings. These electronic databases are powerful research tools available 24 hours a day in the homes or offices of registered patrons of participating Texas libraries. They provide full-text articles from journals, newspapers, magazines, and many other sources. Entire books can be read online. Database topics include homework help for students, health information, business information, biography and genealogy, as well as literature and archival information."

Which databases are included within TexShare?

Click here for the TexShare database list on the official TexShare website.

Are all TTUHSC databases in TexShare?

No. TexShare databases are a subset purchased by the consortium. Individual libraries, including TTUHSC, usually purchase access to additional non-TexShare databases for their own private use. These databases are not included within TexShare.

How can I access a TexShare database?

TTUHSC faculty, staff and students automatically have TexShare access via links on the TTUHSC libraries web pages. Persons unaffiliated with TTUHSC can contact their local county or city library about TexShare access.

How can I locate a participating TexShare library?

Click here for the library search tool on the official TexShare website.

I'm not affiliated with TTUHSC. Can I access your private non-TexShare TTUHSC databases?

Click here for more information.

What is a TexShare card?

  • From the official TexShare website: "With a TexShare Card, a library patron may directly borrow books, music, movies and more from any other participating TexShare library, just as if he or she were card-holder there. If your local library participates in the TexShare Card program, you can request a TexShare Card at the circulation desk. See each library's lending policy for eligibility and restrictions."
  • TTUHSC note - A TexShare Card is a physical library card that allows for borrowing physical items such as books from participating libraries. This is separate and distinct from online access to TexShare databases.

Do the TTUHSC libraries accept the TexShare card?

No. The TexShare Card program for borrowing and lending physical items such as books is a voluntary program. The TTUHSC libraries do not participate.

I'm not affiliated with TTUHSC. Can I borrow your books?

You may place an ILL (InterLibrary Loan) request through your affiliated library, such as a local county or city library.

What if I have more questions about TexShare?

Click here for the official TexShare website.