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Lubbock Surgery Clerkship EBM 2016-2017

  1. PDF's on this page require the free Genuine Adobe Acrobat Reader. Alternative PDF readers such as Apple Preview will not display these PDF's properly.
  2. Computer speakers (built-in or external) or headphones must be connected before the PDF is opened.
  1. Dr. John Griswold's Introduction to EBM (Please download the file first and then view in Adobe Reader. Genuine Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the file)
Library Welcome - Syllabus - Course Materials
  1. Library Welcome/Syllabus/Constructing a Well-Focused Question
  2. PICO Worksheet
  3. EBM Toolkit Critical Appraisal Worksheets
  4. Database Retrieval Worksheet
  5. EBM Report Coversheet
  6. EBM Surgery Clerkship Handouts
  1. Surgery Clerkship Introductory Orientation - EBM Resources Course
  2. EBM Database Searching Class
  3. Comparative Effectiveness and PubMed Health
  1. Evidence-Based Medicine for the MSIII Surgery Clerkship
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Page last updated: July 5, 2016