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Lubbock Surgery Clerkship EBM 2014-2015

  1. PDF's on this page require the free Genuine Adobe Acrobat Reader. Alternative PDF readers such as Apple Preview will not display these PDF's properly.
  2. Computer speakers (built-in or external) or headphones must be connected before the PDF is launched.
  1. Dr. John Griswold's Introduction to EBM (Genuine Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view)
Library Welcome - Syllabus - Course Materials
  1. Library Welcome/Syllabus
  2. Constructing a Well-Focused Question
  3. PICO Worksheet
  4. EBM Toolkit Critical Appraisal Worksheets
  5. Database Retrieval Worksheet
  6. EBM Report Coversheet
  7. EBM Surgery Clerkship Handouts
  1. Surgery Clerkship Introductory Orientation - EBM Resources Course
  2. EBM Database Searching Class
  3. Comparative Effectiveness and PubMed Health


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