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Community Physician Relations

Welcome to the Clerkship Directors of the Covenant Branch Campus

It is here!

Without the invaluable help of an excellent group of Covenant and community physicians, the Covenant Branch Campus would not have been possible.

The expanded class of 2014 will be starting their clinical clerkships at the Covenant Branch Campus starting July 2016. This is a strong class with our highest MCAT scores who are excited and anxious to start their clinical rotations at the Covenant Medical Center.

The creation of the Covenant Branch Campus allows the School of Medicine to matriculate a total of 180 students a year. Sixty students total will train at the Covenant Branch Campus their last two years of medical school.

We have six excellent clerkship directors who will serve the incoming medical students at the Covenant Branch Campus:

 Rose  Robertson  Yepes  Atkinson  Pomeroy  Guirguis  Haynes
Christopher Rose, M.D.
Family Medicine
Michael Robertson, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Andres Yepes, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Bill Atkinson, M.D.
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Brian Pomeroy, M.D.
Medhat Guirguis, M.D.
Allan Haynes, III, M.D.


Welcome to TTUHSC School of Medicine Community Physician Relations

Since 1969, TTUHSC School of Medicine has graduated more than 3,700 physicians. More than 20 percent of the practicing physicians in West Texas graduated from our medical school and/or residency programs. We rely on community physicians, like you, to help train future fine physicians.

More than 100 local, rural community and private practicing physicians are helping TTUHSC School of Medicine meet the training needs of our medical students and resident physicians by playing a vital role in their medical education.

We want to thank all of our Community Preceptors for their continuing support.

For questions and assistance with any issues regarding your clinical faculty appointment and services to Texas Tech University System access, please call:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
School of Medicine
3601 4th Street STOP 6207
Lubbock, TX 79430-6207