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Graduate Program Guidelines

All requirements for the individual graduate degrees (M.S., M.D./Ph.D., Ph.D.) follow the requirements of the TTUHSC Graduate Program. The general requirements for those Programs are outlined in the TTUHSC Graduate catalog. The program follows the rules and regulations of graduate studies (i.e. grade point average, etc.) of the TTUHSC Graduate School. Those rules are outlined in the TTUHSC Graduate Catalog. Requirements for the thesis and dissertation style are defined by the TTUHSC Graduate School.

Grade Policy

The Translational Neuroscience and Pharmacology program reserves the right to either

  1. terminate from the program; or
  2. take away a stipend from any student who receives a failing grade (C,D, or F) in any graduate course or who is on academic probation.

Ph.D. Program

M.S. Program