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2016 Grant Cycles | Lubbock

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HSC employees are empowered to make a positive impact on our workplace. Our HSC—a program that is 100% employee-funded and administered. This initiative enables YOU to make contributions that go towards enhancing HSC facilities, patient care, employee development programs, research needs, and more.

Pledge cards for payroll deduction will be sent to all employees annually or may be accessed by clicking the tab below.

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Granted Projects 


Our HSC Employee Campaign Committee is pleased to announce the funding of our first inaugural granted projects.  During the first cycle, four proposals were approved and the committee formally announced the selected projects during #Giving Tuesday. 

  • The first project funded is a Secure Charging Station to be located on the second floor of the Preston Smith Library of the Health Sciences.  The charging station will contain eight (8) individual lockers providing our employees with a secure location to recharge electronic devices during working hours. This project was proposed by Barbara Ballew, senior director at the Preston Smith Library.   
  • The second project funded is the purchase of a SMART Capture Whiteboard which allows the user to write on the board and transfer the information to an electronic device.   The whiteboard will be located in meeting room 2B152 and    is accessible to all employees.  This project was proposed by Stephanie Shippey, senior director at the Preston Smith Library of the Health Sciences.  
  • The third project funded was proposed by Renee Witherspoon of Safety Services and will fund assessment fees for up to fifteen (15) employees and other personnel who provide vital services to the TTUHSC community.  The Literacy Lubbock programs include GED Preparation Classes; English as a Second Language; Adult Literacy; and Dyslexia/Barton Program.  
  • The fourth project funded will provide CPR/AED Certification courses for thirty (30) employees and True Colors Classes for forty (40) employees, offering options for staff skill enhancement.  The project was proposed by Jennifer Martinez, senior administrative assistant at the Preston Smith Library of the Health Sciences. 

Congratulations to these individuals for their outstanding proposals that will benefit our faculty and staff.Our employees have pledged over $46,646 to the campaign. Up to $10,700 in funding was approved for these initial projects.   

Three projects were funded during the second 2016 cycle.  

  • Funding was provided for the purchase of waiting room furniture in the newly located offices of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Program of Assistance for Students (PAS).  The programs offered in this office are available to all TTUHSC employees and students with approximately 28,750 individuals in Lubbock who are eligible for EAP/PAS services.  The project was proposed by Dr. Alan Korinek, EAP director.
  • Ten Filtered Water Bottle Filling Stations will be available to all employees in the HSC building and the Preston Smith Library.  These filling stations will allow our employees access to free filtered water while reducing the carbon footprint.  The proposal was a collaborative project submitted by Allison Kerin, director of Employee Wellness and Recognition.
  • The third project supported the Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS) Master Training Course for TTUHSC faculty.  This course is aimed at optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and team-work skills among health care professionals.  Renee Bogschutz, managing director with the Office of Interprofessional Education  submitted this proposal.

The Our HSC Employee Campaign committee approved funding of $11,500 for the three winter cycle projects.





For additional information, please contact Darcy Pollock at 806-743-3538 or