TTUHSC School of Pharmacy

Academic Dean's Office

Academic Dean's Office

The Academic Dean's Office is located on our Main Campus in Amarillo, Texas. There are additionally, four Regional Deans to assist students and visitors on all of our campuses.


Quentin Smith Dean Quentin Smith

The Dean serves as the chief academic and administrative officer of the School of Pharmacy, leading faculty and staff of the School in planning; securing resources; and implementing and evaluating activities related to academic operations, research, service and patient care programs. The Dean represents the School both internally to the University and externally to our various stakeholders. The Dean also serves as part of the Institution's administrative team through active participation in various Institutional planning, implementation and evaluation activities.

Dean's Office Personnel

Administrative Deans
Krystal Edwards Associate Dean Krystal L. Edwards
Career Development
Kenna Payne Associate Dean Kenna Payne
Professional Development
Sachin Shah Associate Dean Sachin Shah
Assessment and Accreditation
Rebecca Sleeper Associate Dean Rebecca Sleeper
Curricular Affairs
Sanjay Srivastava Associate Dean Sanjay Srivastava
Office of Sciences
James Stoll Associate Dean James Stoll
Faculty Enhancement
Summer BalcerAssistant Dean Summer Balcer
Student Services
Jannette MarekAssistant Dean Jannette Marek
Finance and Administration
Academic Administration
Thomas AbbruscatoDepartment Chair Thomas Abbruscato
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Eric MacLaughlinDepartment Chair Eric MacLaughlin
Pharmacy Practice
Sanjay Srivastava Department Chair Sanjay Srivastava
and Biotechnology
Thomas ThekkumkaraDepartment Chair Thomas Thekkumkara
Biomedical Sciences
Craig CoxVice Chair
Craig Cox

Experiential Programs
Winter SmithVice Chair
Winter Smith
Residency Programs
Ron HallVice Chair
Ron Hall
Amie BlaszczykDivision Head
Amie Blaszczyk

Joel EppsDivision Head
Joel Epps

Pharmacy Practice Management
Krystal HaaseDivision Head
Krystal Haase

Adult Medicine
Mark HaaseDivision Head
Mark Haase
Brian IronsDivision Head
Brian Irons

Primary Care
Ron HallDivision Head
Ron Hall
Clinical / Translational Research
Regional Support
Sara BrouseAbilene Regional Dean Sara Brouse
Abilene Regional Campus Personnel
Thomas ThekkumkaraAmarillo Regional Dean Thomas Thekkumkara
Amarillo Main Campus Personnel
Steven PassDallas Regional Dean Steve Pass
Dallas Regional Campus Personnel
Charles SeifertLubbock Regional Dean Charles Seifert
Lubbock Regional Campus Personnel
Deborah Emery Regional Assistant Dean Deborah Emery
Finance and Administration