"The bond between a man and his profession is similar to that which ties him to his country; it is just as complex, often ambivalent, and in general it is understood completely only when it is broken..." ~ Primo Levi

Brass MortarOne of the most important duties of the Office of Professional Affairs is to help students understand the rights and responsibilities imparted to them while in training at TTUHSC School of Pharmacy and upon graduation and entrance into the Pharmacy Profession.

Understanding this requirement for professionalism can be difficult for many who haven't yet been taught to look past the level of appearance and use of business-appropriate mannerisms as the definition of "professional."

But as students embark on a career in the Pharmacy Profession, it is vital for them not only to know and embrace the long history of the Pharmacy profession and its evolution, but to take to heart the exciting future ahead and the part each Pharmacist will play in protecting the profession and pushing it to become even better.

Click here for a wonderful review of the history of pharmacy from the perspective of the student.

Pledge of Professionalism

As a student in the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy, you will be asked to take the Oath of the Pharmacist during your White Coat Ceremony. This is a serious charge of your duties as a member of this elite Profession.

But as to your membership in our student body, we ask that you consider the following ideals and hold them close as you move forward through your time at TTUHSC School of Pharmacy. You will be not only a better Pharmacist tomorrow, but will be a better person for today.

To that end, consider this pledge:

"As a student of pharmacy, I believe there is a need to build and reinforce a professional identity founded on integrity, ethical behavior, and honor. This development, a vital process in my education, will help ensure that I am true to the professional relationship I establish between myself and society as I become a member of the pharmacy community. Integrity must be an essential part of my everyday life and I must practice pharmacy with honesty and commitment to service.

To accomplish this goal of professional development, I as a student of pharmacy should:

  • DEVELOP a sense of loyalty and duty to the Profession of Pharmacy by being a builder of the community, one able and willing to contribute to the well-being of others and one who enthusiastically accepts the responsibility and accountability for membership in the Profession;
  • FOSTER professional competency through life-long learning, striving for high ideals, teamwork and unity within the profession in order to provide optimal patient care;
  • SUPPORT my colleagues by actively encouraging personal commitment to the Oath of Maimonides and a Code of Ethics as set forth by the Profession;
  • INCORPORATE into my life and practice dedication to excellence, requiring an ongoing reassessment of personal and professional values;
  • MAINTAIN the highest ideals and professional attributes to ensure and facilitate the covenant-based relationship required of the pharmaceutical caregiver.

The Profession of Pharmacy demands that I adhere to a set of rigid ethical standards necessary to ensure the quality of care extended to the patients I serve. As a Student of Pharmacy, I believe this demand does not begin with graduation, but rather with my membership in this professional educational community. Therefore, I must strive to uphold these standards as I advance toward full membership in the Pharmacy Profession."*

*Developed by the American Pharmaceutical Association Academy of Students of Pharmacy/American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Council of Deans Task Force on Professionalism, June 26, 1994

Tenets of Professionalism

Pharmacist"Pharmacy is a profession," according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. "Despite the challenges to professionalism presented by changes in health care, pharmacists must embrace the responsibilities that stem from their profession's guiding principles. Among those responsibilities are advancing the well-being and dignity of their patients, acting with integrity and conscience, collaborating respectfully with health care colleagues, and seeking justice in the distribution of health care resources." Click here to read more.

Below are some of the attitudes and behaviors that we believe truly help to define Pharmacy as a profession. Taking on these tenets of Professionalism, in addition to the knowledge and skills that will be developed while in our educational program, is vital to your personal development and preparation to take your place in the profession. 

Your diploma is your key to the Pharmacy profession, but with the right to join this elite group of specially educated people, comes certain responsibilities:

  • Responsibility - To Your Patients, Your Colleagues, Your Educators, Your Peers and those Students Following You. Click here to see a specific list of ways in which you can meet this Tenet.
  • Honesty and Integrity - With Your Patients, Your Colleagues, Your Educators, Your Peers, and Yourself. Click here to see a specific list of ways in which you can meet this Tenet.
  • Commitment to Excellence - For Yourself and Others and for the School. Click here to see a specific list of ways in which you can meet this Tenet.
  • Respect for Others - Showing Respect and Being Someone to be Respected. Click here to see a specific list of ways in which you can meet this Tenet.
  • Professional Stewardship - Having decided to join the Pharmacy Profession, Student Pharmacists, like other professionals, have a stewardship responsibility to their chosen field. This involves commitment to various facets of the profession, from yourself and your patients to the Profession and society at large. It is important for Student Pharmacists to begin to develop the characteristics of professional stewardship during their educational years and for that stewardship to be assessed in the context of the student's professional development. Click here to see a specific list of ways in which you can meet this Tenet.

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