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When you begin to consider pharmacy schools in the state of Texas and beyond, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind. The financial investment and the time you spend pursuing your pharmacy education is not something to be taken lightly, but the return can be great.

Immediately following graduation, pharmacy graduates can earn top salaries in a career that offers solid benefits, flexible work schedules, outstanding growth opportunities and potential bonus programs like profit sharing. This immediate return means the financial investment in your education may be repaid quickly.

In addition, the opportunity to be part of a trusted profession that blends science, healthcare, direct patient contact, computer technology and business makes the time and effort you spend in pharmacy school well worth it.

An education in pharmacy teaches you to:

  • Counsel patients about the proper use of their medications;
  • Promote public health;
  • Develop and manage medication distribution and control systems;
  • Manage pharmacy practice;
  • Provide patient care;
  • Plan and perform ongoing evaluations to provide patients with the best drug therapy for their individual healthcare needs.

Not All Pharmacy Schools Are Created Equal...

Since opening our doors in 1996, the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy (TTUHSC-SOP) has continued to set the bar for pharmacy education in Texas and throughout the U.S. Today, the School offers cutting-edge coursework, including one of the most comprehensive clinical pharmacy training programs in the nation. Our students also realize benefits from completing rotations in pediatric and geriatric medicine in a program that demands more hours than required by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Accomplishment of the specialization and intense training is one of the biggest draws for those who employ our graduates.

Additionally, we offer our students the chance to be part of the largest Pharm.D./M.B.A. program in the country. As the future of pharmacy evolves, management-level abilities will become increasingly important, and our graduates are ready to lead the pack. Our students also receive diverse interprofessional opportunities by working within our four educational departments and through  collaborative efforts with the TTUHSC schools of nursing and medicine.

This varied and collaborative effort between SOP departments and other TTUHSC schools provides our students with a unique opportunity to work outside the box of traditional pharmacy while keeping an eye on the current and future trends of the profession.

Our departments include:

Our Curriculum

We are proud of the innovative curriculum offered by the TTUHSC-SOP. The task ahead of you will not be easy, but our graduates are equipped to become leaders in the pharmacy field. Read more about our curriculum here.

Our Outstanding Faculty and Staff


TTUHSC-SOP is proud of every faculty and staff member because they help to make this school all that it is today. We are committed to excellence in serving each of our customers, whether they be students, parents, stakeholders, co-workers or members of the communities in which we live.

Our Research Programs

The mission of the TTUHSC-SOP is three-prong: education, patient care and research. We are proud of the accomplishments of our award-winning and highly respected research core and the centers for excellence in research that we have developed to address issues related to clinical pharmacology and experimental therapeutics, immunotherapy and biotechnology, blood-brain barrier research and cancer biology.

Learn more about this exciting phase of our operations here.

Our Caring Community

Becoming a part of the TTUHSC-SOP student body affords you the opportunity to earn the education you need to succeed in your desired career and the chance to successfully perform in that career through your education in clinical settings and your participation in the school's student organization events and volunteer opportunities. TTUHSC-SOP is alive with student organization service projects and events that provide a solid foundation for all of your future endeavors and a chance to forge lasting friendships with your classmates. Our faculty and staff truly care about our students from the moment they arrive on campus and they want to see each and every student succeed in school and in life.

Read more about TTUHSC School of Pharmacy from Our Dean.

The Best Return on Your Investment

As noted, pharmacy school is an investment of your time and your money, and attending the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy provides an excellent return on both. We offer a cutting-edge education in state-of-the-art facilities, and we make every effort to provide that unique education at minimal cost. In addition, starting your pharmacy career with TTUHSC-SOP puts you on a leading path to wonderful job opportunities within our great state.

TTUHSC-SOP is one of the top three schools in Texas for providing the most economical per-credit-hour cost. In fact, the costs for complete tuition at the SOP are less than the one-year average mean wage for Texas pharmacists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows pharmacists hold 1.87 of every 1,000 jobs in the state while earning an average of $57.15 per hour in 2014, making Texas a great place to seek a pharmacist position.

What about other respected professions?

If you're considering a school of medicine in Texas, you'll be spending approximately twice the money in tuition and fees. Law school may cost less, but you will still pay much more than you  will for a pharmacy education at TTUHSC. Other professions like nursing may require less cost in tuition, but those careers will also provide a lower salary return and won't offer the same unique mixture of science, patient care and management. 


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