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Visitor Information

Abilene Campus Welcome to TTUHSC in Abilene

1718 Pine Street
Abilene, Texas 79601
(325) 676-7948

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A Little About Abilene

Sara BrouseHello from Abilene, Texas!

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) and its School of Pharmacy campus in Abilene. As the Abilene Regional Dean and Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice, I can personally attest to the great opportunities available in my city. Abilene offers the perfect balance of easy, affordable living and fantastic professional opportunities. Abilene is home to the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature and hosts an annual festival honoring a different children’s author each year. It is also home to three private faith-based universities in addition to Texas Tech, so there is a lively college scene in town.

Why do I love living, working, and relaxing here in Abilene? For starters, I relish a 13-minute commute, abundant outdoor recreation including 4 golf courses, tennis facilities, a local Zoo, a wonderful symphony, art museum, weekly downtown art walk, fine dining, plenty of locally-owned “hole-in-the-wall” casual hangouts, and the blossoming food truck scene. Abilene is home to the Historic Paramont Theater and the Frontier, Texas! Exhibit, where you can catch a movie or a play. So whether you love to golf or go-cart, listen to some live music, go swimming at the local water park or play at the YMCAs, go to the theater or coach little league or softball, eat one of the best steaks in the country at the famous Perrini Ranch, or dine on Tex Mex at Miguel’s, or breakfast tacos at La Popular, Abilene has it all! And being a 2.5-hour drive to Fort Worth, 2-hour drive to Lubbock, and 3.5-hour drive to Austin, it’s close to any big city adventure that you’d want to embark upon.

When it comes to community support, our TTUHSC campus is a direct recipient of the nationally recognized Abilene philanthropic spirit. Our Abilene community partners literally built our modern and architecturally pleasing School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, and new Public Health Program building, which also houses the Laura Bush institute. As you can imagine, the expansion that is underway at our Abilene campus will only reinforce TTUHSC’s position as the hub for health sciences education in the Big Country and throughout West Texas.

But don't just imagine, come visit!

Come Play, Come Stay!


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