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Cancer Biology Research Center  

 Dr. Wang

Ming-Hai Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Center Director


The mission of the Cancer Biology Research Center (CBC) is to advance understanding, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer by generating new knowledge in cancer biology and therapy and by participating in the application of this knowledge to translational and clinical cancer research.

Center for Blood-Brain Barrier Research

 Dr. Bickel

Ulrich Bickel, M.D.
Center Director


The Center's mission is to discover and develop novel therapeutics that will advance drug therapy in diseases affecting the central nervous system. The Center will foster research to characterize new drug targets based on understanding of both receptor and transport mechanisms and of metabolic pathways.


By encouraging collaboration with colleagues across School of Pharmacy departments, the Center will raise the pharmacy school's research profile, enhance the competitiveness of Center members for extramural funding and increase the attractiveness of the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy to prospective faculty members.

Center for Immunotherapeutics Research and Biotechnology

 Center placeholder

Center Director



The mission of the Center for Immunotherapeutic Research is to improve the healthcare of people through the development and implementation of novel immune-based approaches and methods to detect and treat human diseases.


To grow translational and clinical research in immunotherapeutics at the School of Pharmacy through the establishment of a team of multidisciplinary and interdepartmental investigators working in a highly collaborative and technology-driven environment.

Clinical Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Center

 Center placeholder

Center Director

The Clinical Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Center laboratory specializes in developing and validating automated micromethods for analyzing drugs, metabolites and biomarkers contained in complex biologic matrices using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry techniques.

Capabilities include:

(1) analytical method development and validation using U.S. Food and Drug Administration Guidelines (GLP)

(2) quantitative analyses of drugs contained in complex matrices, including whole blood, plasma/serum, lung, breast milk, urine, saliva, amniotic fluid, feces and tissues

(3) stability-indicating method development and validation

(4) bioanalytical sample analyses

(5) structural identity and confirmation

(6) pharmaceutical analytical testing and stability testing.

Updated 8/11/17