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To Report Facility Issues

Telephone: 743-2070 or Send email to:

We depend on you to report facility problems within your department. Plant Operations is here to maintain the Health Sciences Center, Preston Smith Library, Academic Classroom Building, Texas Tech Physicians Medical Pavilion, the Center for Cardiovascular Health, the buildings of the Southwest campus and the Larry Combest Health and Wellness Center. Building systems are included in our preventive maintenance program. If you have trouble with building systems such as electrical, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), plumbing or other components of systems which are part of the infrastructure, email: or call 743-2070 and report the problem. Plant Operations will assign a work order to your request, and a representative of Plant Operations will respond. We provide telephone coverage 24 hours a day and on-call personnel will respond in situations requiring immediate attention.

E-Mail correspondence to individuals does not guarantee that your request for service will be entered into the system. Please send email to our Work Control office using our general email:  Work requests by phone are always welcome. 

Other Helpful Numbers: Housekeeping 743-2060 General Services 743-2090

Extended Air Handler Run-Time Requests

Telephone: 743-2070 or Send email to: 

Plant Operations plays an integral role in reducing energy consumption by minimizing equipment run times. HVAC-related utility consumption is the single-most significant energy-related expenditure. HVAC equipment run-times are scheduled to meet departmental needs with consideration for institutional funding.

Facility occupants who are in the buildings outside of normal business hours, and are in need of heating and air conditioning during that time, should call 743-2070.

 Requests for extended HVAC run-times should be requested 36 hours in advance, if possible, by phone at: 743-2070 or by email to:  Provide specific information to include dates, times, room numbers, and a contact name and phone number so clarification can be obtained, if required.

See TTUHSC OP61.10 for additional information.

If You Require Technical Help

Frequently, departmental research and patient care employ equipment requiring non-standard utility hook-ups. We are available to assist you with special requirements. For best results, let us assist in the planning stage of your equipment procurement..

Plant Operations also provides minor renovation services to update and modify assigned space within our facility.  Plant Operations and the Physical Plant have a broad resource base to support and guide you in planning a project of any scope or size. To initiate the process, call 743-2070 or email

For projects which require modification or change to structure or systems, please refer to the following OPs:

TTUHSC OPS: 61.02, 61.08, 61.13, 61.14, 61.15, 61.17, 61.19, 61.20

To Report Noxious Odors or Pest Infestations 

Call: 743-2070 or Send email to:

Let TTUHSC Plant Operations assist you with your needs. Providing continuing quality improvement through SERVICEplus!

Plant Operations Staff

TTUHSC Plant Operations - 3601 4th Street - Lubbock, TX 79430 - Mail Stop 9088