TTUHSC Quality Enhancement Plan

Task Forces

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QEP Task Forces

2013 Fall Symposium: Interprofessional Teamwork

Purpose: To plan a one day seminar regarding Interprofessional Teamwork; morning session for faculty, students and staff; afternoon session for students.

Task Force Chair - Shelley Burson
SoN - Ruth Bargainer
SoAHS - Tina Butler
QEP - Marissa Cisneros
SoN - Pat Francis-Johnson
SoN - Ann Hagstrom
SoN - Lori Hammond
PLFSoM - Gilbert Handal
SoP - Mary Klein
SoN - Melissa Leal
SoAHS - Sarah Marischen
SoP - Harold Miller
SoN - Courtney Oyerbides
SoP - Kenna Payne
SoAHS - Carolyn Perry
SoM - Lisa Popp
SoN - Meghan Reid
Information Technology - Brenda Thomas
GGHSoN - Jennifer Whitaker Ware
SoN - Debra Winckler
SoN - Kate Woehl
SoM & GSBS - Yan Zhang

Interprofessional Team Building Experience

Purpose: To plan a day long (fun day) introduction to Interprofessional Teamwork for incoming students.

Team Leader - Sharon Decker
QEP - Marissa Cisneros
SoN - Belinda Gallegos
SoN - Ann Hagstrom
SoN - Vicki Johnson
SoAHS - Kathryn Panasci
GSBS & SOM - R. Lisa Popp
SoN - Vicki Schnetter
SoN - Kathy Sridaromont
SoAHS - Cynthia Tiongco
SoN - Marnette Winner
SoN - Kate Woehl
SoP - Charles Seifert
SoN - Chris McClanahan
SoN - Pat Francis-Johnson
QEP/SoN - Cindy Acton
QEP - Shelley Burson

IPE Faculty Development


Team Leader - Sharon Decker
QEP - Cindy Acton
QEP - Shelley Burson
SoP - Mary Klein
SoAHS - Carolyn Perry
SoM - Paul Tullar


Purpose: To develop a plan for increasing faculty knowledge and assisting faculty in integrating TeamSTEPPS strategies into curriculum.

Team Leader - Patricia Francis-Johnson
QEP  Representatitve - Sharon Decker
SoN - Ann Hagstrom
SoP - Charles Seifert

2012 President's IPE Student Scholar Program

Purpose: To write a proposal for the establishment of an Interprofessional Education (IPE) scholars program for students to be submitted to the TTUHSC President by May 2012.

Team Leader - Sharon Decker
QEP Representative - Cindy Acton
PLFSOM - Veronica Greer
SoAHS - Carolyn Perry
SoP - Charles Seifert
SOM - Bettina Schmitz
SoN - Kate Woehl

Interprofessional Teamwork Staff Champions

Purpose: QEP Staff Champions will act as liaisons for the QEP initiative, communicating with internal and external constituents, as needed, to support development and implementation of IT educational programming and projects.

Team Leader - Meghan Reid, MS
QEP  Representatitve - Marissa Cisneros
Library - Kathy Rodgers

Interprofessional Simulation-Based Activities 

Purpose: To develop and promote the integration of Interprofessional Education through simulation based activities.

Team Co-leaders - Sandra Caballero, RN, MSN and Chris McClanahan, MSN, RN, CEN
QEP  Representatitve - Sharon Decker, RN, PhD, ANEF, FAAN

2012 Assessing QEP Student Learning Outcomes Task Force

Purpose: To develop a plan to assess the QEP Student Learning Outcomes.

Team Leader - Cindy Acton
QEP  Representatitves - Sharon Decker & Shelley Burson
SoN - Khadija Bakrim
PLFSOM - Rebecca Lee Campos
SoN - MaryAnne Hanley
SoP - Mary Klein
SoP - Paul Lockman
SoM - Janet Meller
OIPA - Sabrina Sattler