TTUHSC Quality Enhancement Plan

Student Research Week

Evidenced Based Interprofessional Teamwork

Since its inception, the QEP has supported Student Research Week (SRW). This year we have created an even stronger alliance with the student leaders of SRW and in a united effort have established a common goal:  increase student participation. To this end, it is our hope that students of all professions will utilize the SRW venue to not only disseminate information about important topics from the perspective of his/her own profession but will also recommend to faculty interprofessional educational activities that can easily be placed into existing curricula.

The QEP’s desire is to continue to offer diverse methods in which all student health care professionals can learn from and with each other. Learning about another profession’s unique perspective on important health care issues and concerns can provide an opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding in which new and improved health care can be actualized.

Additionally, QEP recognizes students have a unique perspective of past course activities, that if tapped, can provide faculty with potential ideas in which interprofessional activities can be integrated into existing course work. 

QEP is honored to support SRW by creating two categories. Students who are interested in submitting abstracts for the categories can submit via the GSBS-SRW website.     

2014 QEP Categories

  1. Appreciation of a Profession - this category can be submitted by an individual or a group of students from any profession. It can be evidence based or research.  The topic is open and should illustrate how the individual profession views a certain subject/issue and discusses the importance as it relates to that profession and/or healthcare as a whole.
  2. Interprofessional Teamwork – this category can be submitted by a group of students who are from at least two different professions (Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Professions, and Biomedical Sciences). The topic must be related to interprofessional teamwork. We are particularly interested in two focus areas:
  1. Integration of Interprofessional Core Competencies for Healthcare Providers into existing TTUHSC’s Curriculum
  2. Interprofessional Team Assessment Tools (individual and group collaboration skills)

Previous Winners

1st Place ($500.00 awarded from 2010-12; $600 awarded  to 1st Place in 2013;  $300 AWARDED in 2014)
2014 SRW poster Importance of Interdisciplinary Team Approach for Management of the Dizzy Patient

Amanda Rodriguez, Michael Song and Barakha Yadav

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2013 SRW poster The PPACA of 2010: Physicians' and Pharmacists' Outllook

Kaytlin Huseman and Meera Subash

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Berk Poster Reliability and Validity of a Clinical Teamwork Observation Instrument.

Justin Berk and Coby Ray

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Ozarkar Poster Evaluating Professional Healthcare Provider Curricula in Response to Increasing an Interprofessional Work Environment.

Tejas Ozarkar, Inola Mello, Akhil Khosla, Shamini Parameswaran, Meera Subash.

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Improving Patient Care by Educating Students on Collaboration

Erin Barnes , Cecil Berry , Amanda Fernandez , April Gregory , and Sarah Skodack.

2nd Place ($250.00)
Subash Poster Proposal for TTUHSC's Interprofessional Education Presidents Scholars Program:  Integrating IPE across the Health Sciences.

Meera Subash, Shannon Campbell, Shamini Parameswaran, Darshan Patel, Akhil Khosla, Trey Sertich, Crystal Callahan and Cameron Light.

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Miller Poster Improving Patient Safety through Interprofessional Teamwork.

Kyle Miller, Evan Parker and Natalie Hansen.

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3rd Place ($100.00)

Interprofessional Rapid Response Teams:  Their Impact on Failure to Rescue.

Ryan Owen, Pamela Craig and Jessica Van Riper.

Poor Communication's Cost on Healthcare.

Sandeep Singh Walia, Kelechi Azuogu, Brooke McDaniel and Renee Garcia.