TTUHSC Quality Enhancement Plan

Team Building Experience

In support of the TTUHSC Quality Enhancement Plan mission, we are excited to announce the completion of a pilot research project -- Interprofessional Team Building Experience. This experience is intended for incoming students from each school and campus. The event was held at the Spirit Ranch located at 701 Regis Street, Lubbock, Texas.

The interprofessional team building experience is designed to introduce the students to interprofessional teamwork concepts, promote their participation in interprofessional activities, and develop leadership skills. The activities involved in this day-long event is designed to emphasize trust, unity, and understanding.

2014 Team Building EXPERIENCE

The 2014 Interprofessional Team Building Experience is scheduled for September 6, 2014 (with dinner the night before on Friday, September 5).  Incoming students interested in registering for this event will register online at:

When you complete your online registration, a window will inform you if your registration was completed successfully and confirm your registration.  In late August, all registered students will receive an email with details regarding the event. 

2013 Team Building Experience:

The second annual Interprofessional Team Building Experience for incoming students was held Saturday, September 7, 2013 (with dinner the night before on Friday, September 6).  


Picture taken by Spirit Ranch and is posted on Facebook.

Group Picture


2012 Team Building Experience:

The first annual Interprofessional Team Building Experience was held Saturday, September 29, 2012 (with dinner the night before on Friday, September 27, 2012).

Participant Contact List: 2012 Health Raiders


View pictures taken by Spirit Ranch on Facebook!


TBE 2012