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2016 Quality Service Awards

Congratulations to our 2016 Distinguished Staff Award Recipients


Brenda Chandler - Pediatrics - Chancellor's Award of Excellence

Desmon Dunn - Pharmaceutical Sciences - Quality Supervisor Award

Dena Hair - Pharmacy Practice - Quality Supervisor Award

Nga Nguyen - Pharmaceutical Sciences - President's Award of Excellence

Debbie Zachry - Internal Medicine - Quality Staff Award



Melissa Attebury - Clinic Administration and Rehab Counseling - Quality Staff Award

Leslie Collins - Academic Affairs - Quality Staff Award

Rhonda Crawford - Athletic Training - Quality Staff Award

Mandy Fair - Research Integrity - Quality Staff Award

Dava Fairly - Immunology & Microbiology - Quality Staff Award

Nicole Hines - Institutional Health - Chancellor's Award of Excellence

Hilda McClintickMontford Unit - Quality Supervisor Award

Christy Meriwether- School of Nursing - Quality Supervisor Award

Darla Peace - Montford Unit - Quality Staff Award


Telemedicine Team Award:

Kary Blair - Psychiatry

LaMencia Berry - Rural and Community Health

Amanda Freeman - Rural and Community Health

Ron Martin - Rural and Community Health


Permian Basin

Evelyn Jacobo - Internal Medicine - Quality Staff Award

Irene Morales - Human Resources - Quality Staff Award

Jocelyn Piccone - SOM Administration - President's Award of Excellence

Robert Segura - Human Resources - Quality Staff Award


MPIP Team:

Stephanie Hall - Business Office

Edith Hernandez - Business Office