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Nomination Guidelines and Tips

Guidelines and Tips for Writing Quality Award Nominations

The key to a well-written nomination is providing the selection committee with information illustrating how the individual or team achievements have made a positive impact.  Ensure the nominee's contributions match the specific award criteria,  Here are some additional tips:

Keep it brief.  Write short sentences that are concise and give specific detail.

Answer the "what" and "how."  

WHAT did the nominee do?

Projects and/or activities above and beyond their job description

Any challenges or issues encountered and overcome

HOW did the nominee do it?

Initiative and/or leadership


Creativity and/or innovation

Behaviors and/or attitudes

WHAT were the results and impacts?

What did the nominee accomplish?

Are there specific benefits derived from those efforts?

Be clear and specific.  Be specific about what the nominee did and how that helps fulfill the mission of TTUHSC.  It is not the quantity of the nomination, it's the quality!

Say it like it is.  Don't worry about using fancy words.  Feel free to use bullet lists when appropriate.  Be sure to explain the technical details in such a way that the selection committee will understand.  Spell out and define and unfamiliar acronyms.

Use concrete examples.  Anecdotes, quotations from colleagues or patrons, specific number of statistics, etc. help strengthen your nomination.  The selection committee is relying on your words and examples to "see" your nominee's attributes and contributions.

Answer the questions.  Address all parts of the question completely to assure the selection committee has all the information it needs to know about your nominee.

Communicate sincerity and personal commitment.  Show that you personally value the contributions of your nominee.  Speak from the heart.

Review your nomination.  Verify the accuracy of all information in the nomination.

Ask questions.  If you are unclear about the award criteria, ask for clarification.

Nomination Examples