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If an employee is going to contribute by payroll deduction and the employee gets paid semi-monthly, from which paycheck will the contribution be deducted?

Employees who are paid semi-monthly will have 1/2 of their designated monthly pledge to SECC deducted from each paycheck. The pledge year starts on December 1st, so the first deduction for employees paid semi-monthly will be their paycheck for the pay period ending December 15th.  Employees who are paid monthly will see their deduction on the January 1st paycheck.

The period for payroll deduction is from December 1 to November 30.  There is no overlap from previous pledge years.

When I choose to contribute as a payroll deduction, can I designate any agency?

Yes, you may contribute to as many charities as you wish.  However, if you do not select an agency your donation will be divided among all the of charitable organizations.

What if an employee wants to use payroll deduction, but does not want to put his/her Social Security number on the form?

The employee must use their R number on the form.  R numbers are available on the employees payroll earnings statement.  The use of Social Security numbers is not allowed on any SECC forms.  

What is the smallest amount someone can donate on a payroll deduction transaction?

$2 per month per agency code.

When will deductions be taken if someone opts for the 9 month pay cycle?

The deductions start with the January check and will continue until the nine (9) month commitment is concluded.  If an employee works January - May and then returns in September, the deductions will commence again with the September pay periods.