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Research Integrity Office

The Mission of the TTUHSC Research Integrity Office is to foster the protection of research participants, both human and animal, in accordance with established ethical principles, federal and state regulations, TTUHSC policy, and Assurances on file with the DHHS Offices of Human Research Protection and Laboratory Animal Welfare. The Research Integrity Office provides oversight of TTUHSC policies related to regulatory compliance. Our employees are committed to providing ongoing training and monitoring in order to promote ethical and compliant research practices throughout the TTUHSC system..The Research Integrity Office (RIO) has several components which serve all TTUHSC campuses:

RIO Director

Beth Taraban
Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity
Managing Director


Administered through the TTUHSC Research Integrity Office, TTUHSC IRBs review research involving human subjects. All human research studies are reviewed by the IRB before they begin and at least once annually to evaluate risks to subjects and compliance with federal regulations and institutional policies.


Karen Douglas
Unit Manager
(806) 743-4753
fax: (806) 743-4746


Katherine Thomas, BSN, CIP
Director - Amarillo Institutional Review Board
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
1400 Wallace Blvd Room 201
Amarillo, TX 79106
office: 806-354-5419
fax: (806) 354-5549


Administered through the TTUHSC Research Integrity Office, TTUHSC IACUC reviews research involving animals (vertebrate animals). All animal research studies are reviewed by the IACUC annually and triennially to evaluate risks to animals and compliance with federal regulations and institutional policies.

Lubbock/ Odessa - Amarillo/Dallas - Abilene - El Paso

Sara Grano
IACUC Administrator
(806) 743-2027
fax: (806) 743-4746

Beatriz Velez
IACUC Coordinator
(806) 743-2897
fax: (806) 743-4746


Research Compliance conducts audits and investigations of clinical trials and grants at all TTUHSC campuses.  The audits are based upon federal, state, and institutional policies.

Clinical Trials, Export Controls and Effort Reporting

Chad Copeland
Research Compliance Officer
(806) 743-4752 / fax: (806) 743-4746

Grant Compliance and Effort Reporting

Cindy Smith
Grant Compliance Analyst

(806) 743-3220 / fax: (806) 743-4746


The RIO Staff provides training to groups and individuals on all aspects of research ethics and compliance.  Classes can be tailored to the specific needs or questions of the group.  Please contact us to answer individual questions or to set up a seminar.  In addition, we offer online training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative training program (  The following CITI courses are available:

  • Biomedical Investigator Course (required for all study personnel conducting research with humans prior to submitting a project for IRB review)
  • Financial Conflict of Interest Course (required for study personnel conducting research with humans AND for Principal Investigators/Senior Personnel on research grants prior to expenditure of funds)
  • Research with Animals Course (recommended, though not required, for study personnel doing research with animals)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (recommended for everyone who is involved in the research enterprise at TTUHSC)

Jennifer Board

(806) 414-9935


The Research Integrity Office receives and provides an initial review of financial disclosure statements from TTUHSC researchers and provides administrative oversight of the TTUHSC Conflict of Interest in Research Committee.  Additional information about financial disclosures and conflicts of interest (including current policy) can be found here - Financial Disclosure Information.


The Research Integrity Office (RIO) Director serves as TTUHSC’s Research Integrity Officer to receive potential allegations of research misconduct in accordance with TTUHSC’s policy on Honesty in Research and the corresponding guidelines and procedures.  In accordance with TTUHSC’s policy, research misconduct is defined as “fabrication, falsification or plagiarism in proposing, performing or reviewing research, or in reporting research results.”  Online resources are available for the TTUHSC research community to provide information and training on the Responsible Conduct of Research (commonly abbreviated as RCR).  These include:, where TTUHSC faculty, staff and students can register and complete the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) modules online.  The official website for the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Research Integrity is  This site provides a wealth of information and resources regarding RCR policies and best practices.