TTUHSC Research

The Office of Research is pleased to announce the establishment of a formal process for institutional review of Quality Improvement (QI) projects that are conducted by TTUHSC faculty.  Quality Improvement projects are systematic, data driven activities designed to bring about immediate improvements in a particular setting.  These projects are vital to the continual improvement of education and patient care at TTUHSC, however, we must also ensure that QI initiatives are conducted safely and ethically, and that they do not require institutional Review Board (IRB) review and oversight.

To this end, TTUHSC OP 73.18 – Quality Improvement Review has been published, and a Quality Improvement Review Board (QIRB) has been established with representation from each of our Schools.  The charge of the QIRB is to ensure the ethical oversight of Quality Improvement projects and determine their appropriateness, safety, feasibility, and distinct design separate from research.  This program will primarily benefit clinicians and educators while having minimal impact on faculty in the basic sciences.

In addition, we have appointed Ms. Toni Denison as Director for Quality Improvement review to provide guidance and coordination of Quality Improvement review processes.  The QIRB and Director will serve to help faculty differentiate between Research and QI projects and will work to ensure the ethical oversight of QI initiatives.

This streamlined process for Quality Improvement project review will provide investigators with a formal statement of institutional review and approval, which is often required by peer-reviewed journals and professional organizations.

Faculty who wish to submit a project for QI review can find more information, including the application form, on the quality improvement website.  Toni can be reached via email at