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Preparing an NIH Progress Report for a Continuing (Non-competitive) Grant

When preparing an NIH Progress Report that is subject to "SNAP" (Streamlined Non-competing Award Process), the report is now called the Research Performance Progress Report (RPRR) and it is completed online through the PI's eRA Commons account.  To determine if RPPR or non-SNAP provisions apply to a grant award, please refer to the Notice of Award (NoA) Section III - Terms and Conditions.  The NoA will specifically state in this Section III, "This grant is subject to Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR for electronic submissions) or Non-Streamlined Noncompeting Award Procedures (paper submissions)".  Progress reports under RPPR are due 45 days prior to the next grant year budget period start date.

The RPPR will have separate screens for each of the following reporting components:

  • Cover Page
  • Accomplishments
  • Products
  • Participants
  • Impact
  • Changes
  • Special [agency specific] Reporting Requirements
  • Budget [applicable only for non-SNAP awards]

Click here for the complete guide for preparing the Research Performance Progress Report (RPRR).  This guide gives you screenshots which show you how to navigate through the report.

Also, an example with screenshots of a completed R01 RPRR is here.

Here are a few helpful tips when completing the RPRR:

  • For fields requiring dollar amounts, only provide the amount with no commas or "$" (i.e. 150000).
  • Effort must be reported in calendar months using whole numbers.
  • Prior to leaving an RPPR component in which the user has entered or uploaded information, the user must click "save" which appears at the top and bottom left of each screen.
  • Only PDF files may be uploaded, and the maximum size per PDF is 6 MB.
  • Once the report is ready for submission make sure all your work is saved and then under the RPPR tab click on "List" which will bring up a screen where you then press "Route" and it will be sent to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) who will submit the report.