TTUHSC Research

New Swift Card Payment Program

The process for payments to research study participants is changing. Currently, these payments are made in one of three ways: 1) Through the Direct Pay System; 2) with petty cash funds; or 3) through the issuance of a gift card.

Business Affairs, with the approval of the Senior Vice President for Research, is implementing a new program, the Swift Card Program, which will allow departments to issue TTUHSC branded reward cards to their Participants at the time of the study visit. This new system will be the only approved method for payment to research participants.

The necessary steps to begin using this new system are:

  • Departmental personnel responsible for the payments will submit a User Set Up and Card Request Form.
  • If necessary, training will be provided.
  • Funding for payments to research participants will be loaded into a prepaid balance sheet account to the fund that will be used for the participant payments.
  • Blank cards will be issued to the department.
  • Department user will log into the program and activate cards as needed for participants.
  • Funds will be moved from the prepaid balance sheet account to the appropriate expense account.

Amounts paid to participants will be based on the fee schedule established by the guidelines of the IRB-approved project. As soon as the card is activated by the departmental user, the participant will be able to spend their card wherever Visa is accepted.

Please review OP 72.19 to ensure your study is in compliance. For User Set Up and Card Requests, as well as training information and announcements regarding this program, go to