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MAY 20-21, 2014

Research Administration at TTUHSC
    A course for departmental research administrators and other support staff

Research Admin Training Day One (Video - Part 1)  NOTE: Video begins at 3:00 minute mark
Research Admin Training Day One (Video - Part 2)
Research Admin Training Day Two (Video)

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     PowerPoint Slides for meeting:
          Grant Application Process - Victoria Rivera
          Grant Accounting - Suzanne Dean
          IRB Pitfalls (human research) - Beth Taraban
          Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research - Beth Taraban
          IACUC (animal research) - Mandy Fair
          Research Compliance Audits - Chad Copeland
          Export Controls - Chad Copeland

APRIL 16, 2014

Grant Writing Study Section (Video)
     (fast forward to 20:16 to view)

MARCH 10, 2014

Partnering on Health Science Research (Video)
     (fast forward to 11 minutes to view)