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Rural and Community Health Staff Directory

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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Rural and Community Health
3601 4th Street STOP 6232
Lubbock, Texas 79430-6232

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Phone: (806) 743-1338
Fax: (806) 743-4510

Rural and Community Health

Dr. Billy U. Philips, Jr.

Executive Vice President & Director

Email : billy.philips@ttuhsc.edu

Dr. Billy U. Philips, Jr. is the Executive Vice President for Rural and Community Health. Dr. Philips holds an M.P.H. and a Ph.D. in Human Ecology (Epidemiology) from The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center . He is recognized nationally for his expertise in cancer control education.

The F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health serves as the primary liaison with communities across the 108-county TTUHSC service area. These community partnerships provide both the framework and the mechanism for achieving the mission of improving the health of West Texans.

Sarah Looten, Director of Staff Relations

Email : sarah.looten@ttuhsc.edu

Christina Smith

Email : christina.smith@ttuhsc.edu

Dolores Parrish, Assistant Staff Relations

Email : dolores.parrish@ttuhsc.edu

Miguel Carrasco, IT Support Technician

Email : miguel.carrasco@ttuhsc.edu

Denise Lopez, Director of Finance

Email : denise.h.lopez@ttuhsc.edu

Laura Lappe, Associate Director

Email : laura.lappe@ttuhsc.edu

Lisa Wynn, Administrative Assistant

Email : lisa.wynn@ttuhsc.edu

Research, Reporting & Data Management

Cathy Hudson

Director for Rural Health Research

Email : catherine.hudson@ttuhsc.edu

Debra Curti, Research Associate

Email : debra.curti@ttuhsc.edu

Gordon Gong, Biostatistician

Email : gordon.gong@ttuhsc.edu

Luciano Vila Boas

Email : lucian.boas@ttuhsc.edu

Rhonda Isome, Senior Administrative Assistant

Email : rhonda.isome@ttuhsc.edu

Scott Phillips, Managing Editor, Texas Journal of Rural Health

Email : scott.g.phillips@ttuhsc.edu

Transforming Communities through Outreach, Recruitment and Education

Debra Flores, Director of West Texas AHEC & Rural Health Programs

Email : debra.flores@ttuhsc.edu

Adrianne Harrel, Project Manager

Email : adrianne.harrel@ttuhsc.edu

Celeste Hoffman, Health Career Promotions Coordinator

Email : celeste.hoffman@ttuhsc.edu

Frances Quintero, Senior Health Promotions Coordinator

Email : frances.quintero@ttuhsc.edu

Jeff Carr, Program Coordinator, Youth Engagement Training Initiative (YETI)

Email : jeff.carr@ttuhsc.edu

Tamara Lawrence, Administrative Assistance

Email : tamara.lawrence@ttuhsc.edu

Teresa Huckabee, Community Health Worker LVN

Email : teresa.a.huckabee@ttuhsc.edu

Innovative Healthcare Technology

Travis Hanson

Director of West Texas Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center

Email : travis.hanson@ttuhsc.edu

Amanda Freeman, TWITR Sr. Mental Health Specialist

Email : amanda.freeman@ttuhsc.edu

Becky Jones, Program Manager, TexLa (Telehealth Resource Center)

Email :becky.jones@ttuhsc.edu


Cameron Onks, Attorney

Email : cameron.onks@ttuhsc.edu

Jimmy Ashley, Tech Manager

Email : jimmy.ashley@ttuhsc.edu

Kelly Muñoz, InHIT Project Manager

Email : kelly.munoz@ttuhsc.edu

Melanie Clevenger, Texas Site Coordinator, TexLa (Telehealth Resource Center)

Email : melanie.clevenger@ttuhsc.edu

Nandini Ramanathan

Nandini Ramanathan, Tech Assistant

Email : nandini.ramanathan@ttuhsc.edu

Ron Martin, TWITR Sr. Mental Health Specialist

Email : ronald.n.martin@ttuhsc.edu

Sharon Rose, EMS Telemedicine Project Manager

Email : sharon.rose@ttuhsc.edu

Shawn Marie Parrott, TWITR Sr. Mental Health Specialist

Email : shawn-marie.parrott@ttuhsc.edu

Traci Carroll, Program Manager

Email : traci.carroll@ttuhsc.edu