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Dean's Contingency Funds - Request for Funding

Download Funding Request Form

Program Description and Instructions

  1. The Dean’s Office annually budgets a contingency fund for use by all medical students of the TTUHSC School of Medicine. This includes medical students at the Amarillo, Lubbock, and Permian Basin campuses.
  2. The funds available from the Dean’s Contingency Fund will be allocated according to the following stipulations:
    • It should aim to bring all students together,
    • It should be an educational improvement to our students, and/or
    • It should be beneficial to the community.
  3. A Contingency Fund Committee consisting of five (5) members manage this account and make recommendations to the Dean’s Office to approve funding specific organization/project/individual requests.
  4. In order to request money, students must first comply with the following:
    • The student/organization must gain approval from the Student Affairs to be excused from class/clerkship to attend a professional meeting, conference or school-related function prior to applying for assistance from the Dean’s Contingency Fund. See SOM OP 40.02, Student Attendance Policy.
    • The student/organization must seek funding from their representative student organization resources.
    • If funds are not sufficiently available from the student organization, the student/organization must conduct fund raising efforts, prior to the event or conference and submission of this application, as a first attempt to generate funds.
    • If the funds are not sufficient at that point, the student/organization must contact and request financial support from their respective departments. For example, a student member of the Internal Medicine Club should seek sponsorship from the Department of Internal Medicine, a research student should seek sponsorship from the department/mentor through which their research is conducted. Written documentation from the department is required in the form of an email or written note and must be included with the DCF application.
    • If funds are still not adequate, the student/organization may complete the attached request form to petition the Contingency Fund Committee for assistance.
  5. Information about the conference or event must be provided in the form of an informational brochure, flyer, website, etc., and included with this application.
  6. Requests must be submitted to the Office of the Dean at least fourteen (14) days in advance of when the funding is needed.
  7. Submission to the Medical Student Government: The Funding Request Form should be downloaded, completed, and forwarded to the Medical Student Government for processing.
    • Requests for funding by the Dean's Contingency Fund will be discussed and processed during regular meetings of the Medical Student Government.
    • Completed forms should be submitted to the MSG President ( prior to a regularly scheduled meeting.
  8. Note: All requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Funding is not guaranteed and is exhaustible.
    • Funds may carry additional stipulations.
    • An organization/club or individual must demonstrate how the conference will benefit the medical student body or TTUHSC. Every club must present information obtained from the event or conference upon returning to TTUHSC in the form of an informational meeting or presentation.
    • Individual students and student organizations will only be granted DCF assistance to go to a conference one time per academic year, in an attempt to allow as many organizations and individuals as possible to have this opportunity.

Additional Questions

Other questions regarding funding through the Dean's Contingency Fund can be referred to the Office of the Dean at 806.743.3000.