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The TTUHSC School of Medicine Speakers Bureau offers presentations on a variety of topics related to health, medicine and science. Oftentimes, speakers can tailor presentations to meet the needs of a particular group. For questions or to schedule a speaker, contact Jocelyn Rudder at (806)743-3000 or

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Dr. Peter Syapin
Alcohol and How it Affects Your Brain
What is Addiction and What Can be Done?
Bing Drinking and How to Treat
Dr. Lisa Popp
How to Tell if Someone is Ready for Treatment
Dr. Susan Burgeson
Genetics of Alcoholism
Dr. George Henderson
Alcohol Addiction
Dr. Lowell Johnson
Signs and Treatment of Dementia and Alzheimer’s
Dr. Carol Felton
Is it Aging? Or is it Menopause?
Dr. Kelly Mitchell
Retina Update: Macular Degeneration & Diabetic Eye Disease
Dr. Patrick Reynolds
Pediatric Oncology and New Drugs for Treatment
Dr. Cindy Jumper
Lung Disease and Surgery
Dr. Cindy Jumper
Asthma and Emphysema: Cause and Treatment
Dr. Gilbert Berdine
COPD, Sleep Disorder and How to Treat
Dr. Jennifer Smith
Skin Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
Skin Care: What You Need to Know Now
Dr. Jannette Dufour
Type 1 & 2: Ways to Identify and Control
Dr. Surendra Varma
Pediatric Diabetes
Dr. Sharma Prabhakar
Obesity, High Blood Pressure, and Cardiovascular Risk
Ear, Nose and Throat
Dr. Joehassin Cordero
Management of Complete Hearing Loss in Adult and Children
Recovery Implants for Hearing
Management of Head, Neck and Thyroid Cancer
Management of Snoring and Sleep Apnea
General Medicine
Dr. Cindy Jumper
What Happens In ICU and What to Expect
Dr. Ron Cook
How to Handle Emergency Situations
Family Medicine Care: What all it Covers
Dr. Mel Laski
Chronic Kidney Disease: The Silent Killer
The Politics of Kidney Transplants and Delivery of Dialysis
Transplant of Kidneys
Dr. Benny Philips
Emerging Health Issues in West Texas
Dr. Steven Berk
Preparing for the Influenza Pandemic: How Science and History Can Save Us
Dr. Suzanne Beck
Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze About
Dr. Charles Seifert
You and Your Medications
Dr. Mary Ann Hanley
Alternatives and Complementary Health Practices
Dr. Steven Berk
Exposing the Physical Examination-What Your Doctor is Doing and Why
Dr. Ron Warner
Before you Travel, TravelMed
Mental Health
Dr. Terry McMahon
What is Mental Illness?
What is the Difference Between a Psychiatrist and a Physiologist?
Psychiatrist- Who are These People and What do They do
Dr. Tom McGovern
Ethics – Clinical and Medical
Is Religion Spirituality Good for Your Health?
Issues of End of Life in Terms of Health
Dr. John Toledo
Epilepsy: Signs and New Treatments
Right Brain-Left Brain: the Biology of Hemispheric Dominance
Dr. Jongyeol Kim
Stroke: What are the Warning Signs and Treatment
Life after a Stroke
Dr. Wu
Alzheimer's Disease: Signs and New Treatments
Dr. Kathy Chauncey
Wrote –Low Carb Dieting for Dummies
Cancer Nutrition for Survivors-Before, During Treatment and Prevention of Returning Cancer
Dr. Patti Patterson
Childhood diseases and the correct medications
Long Term Effect of Child Abuse
Global International Health
Dental Preventive Oral Health
FED UP! The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
Dr. Tammy Camp
Children and Hearing loss
Dr. J Dreimane
Childhood Obesity and Diabetes
Childhood Growth Disorders and Growth Hormones
Dr. Richard Lampe
Bugs and Drugs
Sports Medicine
Dr. Jennifer Mitchell
Treating Sports Injuries
Dr. Dan Hardy
ACL Injuries-Are Women More Prone?
Dr. Mimi Zumwalt
Strength Training for Beginners
Importance of Exercise for Good Health
Dr. Sam Campbell
Carotid Surgery and Stroke Prevention
Aneurysm: The Unknown Disease
Vascular Surgery: Prevention of Limb Loss
Venus Disease: Varicose Veins and Treatment
Dr. John Griswold
On the Cutting Edge…Minimally Invasive Surgery
Trauma 1 --- 1Team, 1 Goal
Urology/Men’s Health
Dr. Alan Haynes
Prostate Cancer: Robotics vs. Laparoscopy
Prostate Cancer: How to read PSAs
Bladder Cancer: Signs and Treatment
Dr. Werner deRiese
All Urological Cancers
Women’s Health
Dr. Edward Yeomans
High Risk Obstetrics
Where do Babies Come From? C-Sections
Dr. Robert Casanova
Do we Have a Problem with STDs and How to Treat?
Questions to ask Your OB/GYN
Dr. Dana Phillips
Pap Test Screening
Well Women Visits-What to Expect and What to Ask?
HPV Screening-What Ages and is it Mandatory?
STD Prevention
Prenatal Care
Dr. Robert Casanova
What Contraceptives Should I Use?
How to do Breast Exams and Why it is Important
Well Women Visits-What to Expect
Pregnancy 101: So You Want to Have a Baby? It Seems so Easy!
Betsy Goebel Jones, Ed.D
What’s New Girlfriend? Recent Research in Women’s Health