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A Look at the TTUHSC School of Medicine


Founded in 1969, the TTUHSC School of Medicine has continually worked to address the shortage of physicians in West Texas by providing quality, innovative educational opportunities to medical students and residents who serve as competent and compassionate medical professionals for the region and the state of Texas. The medical education program emphasizes the principles of primary care and provides sound inter-disciplinary and inter-professional training that integrates basic sciences knowledge, clinical skill, diversity, and a humanistic approach focusing on high standards and comprehensive evaluation. The school’s medical practice, Texas Tech Physicians, strives to utilize state-of-the-art technology to effectively meet the growing needs of a diverse and largely rural patient population through strong partnerships with clinical affiliates. Principles of teamwork, humanistic care, and cost effectiveness are embedded into the practice of medicine. The research strategy of the school is to develop insights into the science of medicine, treatments, prevention, and cures, and enhanced methods for managing patient illness, with an emphasis on opportunities for medical student research. Centers of Excellence and Institutes work toward defined areas of excellence where contributions on a national level can be made.


To be known for excellence in teaching, patient care, and scientific contributions that enhance the health care of communities in the region.

Programs and Activities

The following video provides a comphrensive look at the many programs and activities available at the TTUHSC School of Medicine.

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40 Years and Forward

In 2009, the TTUHSC School of Medicine celebrated 40 years since its creation by the 61st Texas Legislature. A variety of events were held to commemorate this anniversary, and a timeline was displayed to chronicle the school's history. This page has been designed to share many of the items gathered in preparation for this celebration.

Historical Display

The timeline was put on display at a special celebration dinner. Designed by Margaret Vugrin from the Preston Smith Library of Health Sciences and Tim Hayes with the School of Medicine, Office of the Dean, the display received a 2010 Gold Addy Award from the Lubbock Advertising Federation.


Historical Timeline

The panels from the display provide details, images, and newspaper articles by decade. Click on the images below to open a zoomable version of each panel.

1970s-Front 1980s-Front 1990s-Front 2000s-Front 1970s-Back 1980s-Back 1990s-Back 2000s-Back

HSC Construction

Pictures were taken during the construction of the Health Sciences Center. Click on the image below to open a slideshow of the construction from four different angles.


The Power of Vision

The following video history was originally produced at the 25th anniversary of the School of Medicine and revised for the 35th anniversary.

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Questions about the history of the TTUHSC School of Medicine or images seen here can be referred to Tim Hayes, Senior Director of Leadership Initiatives, at