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Health Services for Students

Health care services will be provided to the students of TTUHSC at Amarillo, and their dependents, under the following conditions:

  1. Location.

    Ambulatory care will be provided in the Center for Family Medicine, 1600 Wallace Boulevard (North end of BSA's Baptist Campus at the top level of the parking garage) Amarillo, Texas 79106, by appointment only; call 212-3500. In-patient care will be provided by Department physicians at the Baptist Campus of Baptist St. Anthony's Health System in the event hospitalization is required. Services provided in other clinical facilities by faculty of other departments, services provided by local physicians, and services provided at a hospital other than BSA are not covered by this agreement; students are responsible for 100% of the charges for those services.

  2. Eligibility.

    1. Students.

      Eligibility of students for services under this agreement will be established by means of a list provided by the School of Medicine/Allied Health/Pharmacy, identifying students officially enrolled in any of its training programs in Amarillo.

    2. Dependents.

      Student dependents who are eligible for services under this agreement include a spouse and/or their children living in the student's household.

  3. Patient Registration.

    1. Students.

      Prior to receiving their first medical services on the Amarillo campus, all students will be required to complete the following items:

      1. Patient Registration Forms.
        These forms are required to establish an account and a clinical medical record. It is recommended that patients report to the clinic thirty (30) minutes prior to their first appointment to complete these forms and to allow our staff to verify insurance information.
      2. Authorization for Release of Medical Records.
        This form authorizes our staff to request copies of your medical records from any/all providers listed, facilitating the transfer of important medical history and treatment information to your local clinical medical record.
    2. Dependents.

      If dependents are to be seen/treated in the Center for Family Medicine, registration forms are required to be completed for each family member.

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  5. Services.

    Services provided in this agreement include:

    1. Office Visits.

      Charges incurred during office visits, such as the fee for the visit, procedures performed by the professional staff, and the technical component of radiology studies are covered by this agreement.

    2. In-Patient Services.

      Charges for In-patient services provided by Family Medicine's staff will be covered by this agreement

    3. Exclusions.

      Generally, services provided by practitioners other than Family Medicine Staff and expendable supplies are excluded from this agreement. Charges associated with those services/supplies are the responsibility of the student/insurance company. Exclusions are listed below:

      1. Prescriptions.
      2. Laboratory and Pathology Services.
        While these procedures may be performed in the department's clinic, the lab is a separate entity; a Texas Tech Clinic Laboratory satellite. Billing, discounts, and write-offs are processed by the Lab and the central Business Office.
      3. Patient Supply Items.
        Medical supply items, such as braces, wraps, crutches, and other support devices, prescribed for the patient and issued in the clinic will be billed to third party payers. However, until the policy deductible has been met, the charges for these items will be the responsibility of the student/dependent; not subject to courtesy write-offs.
      4. Hospital Charges.
        In the event a student or a dependent is hospitalized, charges assessed by the hospital will not be covered by this agreement; health insurance and private pay coverage only.
      5. Hepatitis Series and/or Titre Levels; Immunizations.
        The Hepatitis Series is available to Allied Health and Pharmacy students at the Occupational Medicine Clinic on the Canyon E-way. Medical students may start their series at Orientation, receiving their injection and charge directly from the School of Medicine. The Center for Family Medicine will charge $121 per injection for the series of three injections.
      6. Other Injectables.
        • Intravenous medications and antibiotics administered in the clinic;
        • Antibiotics administered by IM injection in the clinic;
        • Depoprovera injections for birth control. The cost for these injections is $60.00; the Nurse Visit charge of $25 can be waived.
      7. Consultant Fees.
      8. Insurance Policy Exclusions.
        Services and/or procedures specifically excluded by the health insurance policy and those charges that cannot be applied to the annual deductible will be excluded from this agreement. These services/procedures may include cosmetics, sterilization reversals, and other elective procedures.
  6. Financial Arrangement.

    1. Medical Services Fee.

      The Schools of Medicine, Allied Health, and Pharmacy will transfer all Medical Service Fees collected from students enrolled at the Amarillo Campus to the Department of Family and Community Medicine to help defray the cost of providing services to the student population.

    2. Student Contractual Adjustments.

      In exchange for the transfer of all Medical Service Fees, the Department of Family and Community Medicine will extend the following policy:

      1. Students with Health Insurance.
        Those students having health insurance and receiving services in an authorized location will have the deductible amount of their coverage, up to $250.00, written off as a Contractual Adjustment. Upon meeting the annual deductible, that portion not paid by insurance will be written off as a Contractual Adjustment, with the exception of those items and services not covered by this Agreement (see Exclusions above).
      2. Students Without Health Insurance.
        Those students not having health insurance will be offered a maximum total write-off of $150.00 for health care services provided by the Department, but will be responsible for 100% of health care charges beyond that level.
      3. Dependents With Health Insurance.
        Those students having dependents covered by health insurance will be offered a maximum total dependent write-off for the annual deductible of $250.00. Upon reaching the annual deductible, the portion not paid by insurance will be written off as in a subparagraph i.) above. Any charges beyond the $250.00 maximum that are not yet covered by an individual's policy will be discounted by 50%, with the same exceptions as above.
      4. Dependents Without Health Insurance.
        Those students having dependents not having health insurance will be responsible for 100% of the fees related to health care provided by the Department.
    3. Billing.

      1. Statements.
        All billing and write-offs will be processed through the Department of Family and Community Medicine. Statements originate from the Consolidated Business Office and are sent directly to the students' local address (person responsible for account).
      2. Account Responsibility.
        Students will be responsible for any/all personal debt for services on their account as well as the account(s) of any sponsored dependent(s). Therefore, students are subject to the terms of the standard financial agreement used in the clinic for any personal debt for service.
      3. Inquiries regarding billing and account status should be directed to Family Medicine's Patient Services Specialists at 212-3520.

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