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SOP Student Success Initiative (SSI)


ACPE Standard 19 on progression of students states that the school must produce and make available to students and prospective students criteria, policies and procedures for academic progression, probation and remediation. The standard mandates a system for monitoring student performance that provides early detection of academic difficulty, provision of appropriate remediation and access to individualized student services such as tutoring and faculty advising.

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy (SOP) Student Success Initiative (SSI) is a school-wide program directed by the SOP Student Enhancement and Retention Committee. The purpose of the SSI program is to identify students experiencing academic difficulty so as to provide resources and advocacy to the student in an effort to assist in improving academic performance. Students who meet the criteria are notified in writing and assigned an SSI advisor. Students are required to complete a questionnaire as well as an analysis on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Students develop an action plan to improve academic performance based on the analysis. Student services and SSI advisors review the plans and offer available support and resources to the student.


SSI Program Qualifying Criteria

Major assessment or assignment grade less than 70 percent as determined by the course team

  • Student remains in SSI program during current semester.

Overall course grade is less than 75 percent in two (2) or more courses during the same semester

  • Student remains in SSI program during the subsequent semester.

Student takes a second chance exam

  • Student remains in Grade SSI program during the subsequent semester.

Student fails a course

  • Student remains in SSI program until a 70 percent grade is achieved in failed course.



Students shall be notified in writing within two (2) weeks of the start of semester or within five (5) business days if a course team indentifies a deficiency during the semester in which the student qualifies for the SSI program.

The letter will also instruct the student to contact their assigned SSI Advisor and arrange a meeting.

The student shall be required to complete a questionnaire and SWOT Analysis/Action plan which will aid the advisor in identifying relevant and available resources.

During their meeting, the student and the SSI Advisor shall discuss the results of the questionnaire and SWOT Analysis/Action Plan.

The SWOT Analysis/Action Plan must be turned into Student Services within two (2) business days following the meeting.

Student Services, the SSI Advisor(s) and the Student Retention and Enhancement Committee shall review the SWOT Analysis/Action Plan and determine if individual services are necessary and available.

Student Services, SSI Advisors and current Course Team Leaders shall communicate to assess individual SSI student academic performance.

  • Student Services shall notify the SSI Advisor if the student is submitted by a current course team for a major assessment/assignment grade less than 70 percent.
  • SSI Advisors and the current Course Team Leaders shall develop individualized student remediation plans when possible. The remediation plans may include: a review of incorrect items from past exams/assignments; individual instruction procedures; extra assignments (with or without assigned credit); and arrangements for peer-to-peer tutoring, etc.

SSI Advisors shall continue to meet with assigned students on an 'as needed' basis.


SSI Forms and Information

SSI Student Grade Report Form

SSI Student Meeting Form