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Health Services for Students - Dallas

Health services are provided to students deployed to the Dallas campus.  Students located on the Dallas campus will be charged the Medical Services Fee in the amount of $66.50.  Information about the Health Services available for students deployed to Dallas will be below.

Please remember that all students are required to maintain health coverage while a student with TTUHSC School of Pharmacy.


Agreement between Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
and the University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) will provide the health services for all students of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Pharmacy program located at the Dallas campus.

Services will be provided by UTA Health Services Building located at 605 S. West Street, Arlington, TX  76010.  Map link included.  Phone numbers are 817-272-2771 and
817-272-3829 (fax).  There is a parking lot directly behind the Health Center building. Alternate parking is available in the Parking Garage (south of the Health Center 1/2 block) at a discounted rate with a Health Center receipt.

If you need to see the doctor for a general medical problem (ie. general check-up, cold symptoms, ear infections, etc.), no appointment is necessary.

If you need to see the gynecologist, psychologist or psychiatrist, an appointment is necessary. Please call 817-272-2713.

Here are a few prices as posted from their web page for services performed.* 

·  Blood typing (ABO&Rh) - $14.00

·  CBC - $14.50

·  Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - $18.00 and up

·  HIV/AIDS testing (requires pre and post-test counseling) - $20

·  Infection Check - $41.00

·  Influenza - $16

·  Pregnancy (blood) - $15.00

·  Pregnancy (urine) - $8.00

·  PSA (prostate specific antigen) - $30.00

·  Sickle Cell Screenings - $15.00

·  Strep - $14

·  Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (dilantin, tegretol, valproic acid) - $23.00 - $30.00

·  Urinalysis - $8.00

·  Urine Drug Screening - $35.00

*All prices is subject to change by UTA.

Health services will be provided during the regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.  Hours of operation are posted at the main building entrance.  Services are not available during scheduled UTA holidays.  Holiday schedule included.   Staff members of Health Services are employees of UTA and are governed by the personnel policies of UTA and The University of Texas System.

UTA Health Services will provide professional medical and psychological services to Dallas TTHUSC School of  Pharmacy students.  The services provided will consist of those normally offered to curently enrolled UTA students.  No office visit charge will be assessed.

An additional fee will be assessed for services such as x-rays, laboratory tests, women’s clinic services, immunizations, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications, and elective medical procedures.  Each student is responsible at the time of service for payment of all charges accrued during that visit.  Acceptable forms of payment are cash and major credit cards, no checks.  UTA will not bill private insurance for services, you must pay at the time of service.

Any questions regarding the contract between UTA and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy should contact Student Services at (806) 354-5418.

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