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Visitor Information

Abilene Campus Welcome to TTUHSC in Abilene

1718 Pine Street
Abilene, Texas 79601
(325) 696-0404

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A Little About Abilene

Cindy RaehlHello from Abilene, Texas!

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) and its School of Pharmacy campus in Abilene. As the Abilene regional dean and a professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice, I can personally attest to the great opportunities available in my city. Abilene offers the perfect balance of easy, affordable living and fantastic professional opportunities.

Why do I love living, working and relaxing here in Abilene? For starters, I relish a 13-minute commute, abundant outdoor recreation (especially four golf courses), a great student body and faculty colleagues, a wonderful symphony and art walk, fine dining and plenty of 'hole-in-the-wall' casual hangouts. Then there's the 2.5-hour drive to Fort Worth shopping, swimming at my community pool or one of two YMCAs and socializing with students and faculty from three private faith–based universities. I also bask in plenty of sunshine in Abilene's year-round mild climate (did I mention good golfing weather?). So whether you love to golf or go-cart, play in a jazz band or listen to country music, go to the theatre or coach little league, eat the best steak in the country or dine on sushi, Abilene has it all.

In addition to recreation and entertainment, there are plenty of other things that make Abilene unique. Ours is a midsized city of 120,000 serving the needs of 22 West Texas counties and more than 400,000 people. Abilene's economy is a very healthy mix of higher education, health care, retail and entertainment. We are also home to an active military base and our strong oil, gas and agriculture industries all contribute to a robust area economy.

When it comes to community support, our TTUHSC campus is a direct recipient of the nationally recognized Abilene philanthropic spirit. Our Abilene community partners literally built our modern and architecturally pleasing School of Pharmacy and School of Nursing facilities. In the near future, they will contribute to a new School of Public Health and pass those facilities on to TTUHSC. As you can imagine, the expansion that is underway at our Abilene campus will only reinforce TTUHSC's position as the hub for health sciences education in the Big Country and throughout West Texas.

But don't just imagine, come visit!


 Come Play, Come Stay!


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