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External Grants & Contracts

All SOP researchers must first receive TTUHSC approval prior to submitting all requests for outside funding to any external entity. The steps to follow are below:

  1. For all grant proposals involving projects that will require the use of any of the major equipment listed on the equipment use fee table, you must include designated usage fees in your budget request. (Please see for additional information.)
  2. Contact the SOP Office of Sciences to create a record of your project and for assistance throughout all stages of your submission. The Office will also require final copies of all submitted materials.
  3. ALL grants and contracts must be approved by the TTUHSC Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) in Lubbock at least five full working days prior to the due/postmark date of a proposal/application/other solicitation for support/funding, whether for instruction, unrestricted educational grants, public service, research, etc. Any exception to the five-day deadline must be pre-approved via project director with a valid justification for tardiness to the Associate Vice President for Research and authorized signatory authority for the University. NOTE:   This five day deadline is an OSP requirement.   If you need additional time to ensure that your grant reaches its destination by deadline, please factor in that additional time on top of the five days.
  4. Depending upon which type of grant/contract you are submitting, the contact person at the OSP varies. The SOP Office of Sciences can assist you in identifying the appropriate person, or consult the OSP (Lubbock) website for additional contact information.
  5. All submissions to the OSP must be accompanied by a signed routing sheet. There is one for each department, listed below:
    1. Biomedical Sciences
    2. Immunotherapeutics and Biotechnology
    3. Pharmacy Practice
    4. Pharmaceutical Sciences
  6. The form is to be completed by the investigator, who is responsible for completing the necessary forms for grant submission (including the routing sheet), as well as signing in the appropriate places. (NOTE: Any light-colored paper will work. The Office of Sponsored Programs no longer requires the routing sheet to be printed on goldenrod-colored paper, which was a previous requirement.   The routing sheet does, however, need to be printed on colored paper, and lighter colors work best, since these sheets are often faxed between offices.)
  7. Dr. Smith, Senior Associate Dean for Sciences, can provide the required Associate Dean's signature on the routing sheet.
  8. If you are not on the Amarillo Campus, the SOP Office of Sciences will obtain the Associate Dean's and Chair's signatures for all grants and contracts, routing sheets, and any other research-related documents for which signatures are required, as quickly as possible. Typically, it takes 24-48 hours to obtain signatures.
  9. Specific instructions for the routing sheet are below:
    • First, complete and print the routing sheet onto colored paper.   Sign the sheet as the PI and obtain any other required signatures that are available at your site.   Fax the signed, original routing sheet to (806) 356-4643 (or email the scanned file to a Research Office staff person).
    • Send your signed hard-copy original routing sheet to the OSP office in Lubbock .
    • The SOP Office of the Sciences Administrator staff will copy the routing sheet with your site's signature(s) onto a colored paper before obtaining the required Chair and Senior Associate Dean's signatures.   After these signatures are obtained, the Office will send this second original routing sheet (with Amarillo signatures) to the OSP.
    • The OSP will combine the two routing sheets with original signatures to process your submission.
  10. In addition to the routing sheet, please also submit to the SOP Office of Sciences and the OSP the following required elements (if they apply to your project; some may not be a part of your submission):
    • the face page
    • an abstract
    • budget justification
    • detailed budget page (even on modular grants* and including any appropriate equipment usage fees – please see number 1 above)
    • other support
    • the checklist
    * Please note: Even if the granting agency does not require a budget when submitting (e.g. NIH does not require budgets when applying for modular grants), the OSP will still need to see a budget and will verify that the amounts in the budget match those given on the face page and checklist page.
  11. Even if the OSP does not require ALL of your grant materials, the Office of Sciences does need to receive a final version of ALL submitted documents, for record-keeping purposes.   Please either email the documents or send them via regular (or campus) mail.
  12. After the OSP has reviewed/approved your project, they will send all of the materials back to you, and you are responsible for sending the final submission to the granting entity.
  13. Please note that negotiation of contracts may require the OSP to directly contact either the investigator or the company; however, this will not be done without the permission of the investigator.

Internal Grants Supported by the SOP Office of Sciences

Bridge Funds

The purpose of the Bridge Funding Program is to sustain faculty research programs between extramural grants. The School recognizes the importance of providing ongoing support to extramurally funded faculty researchers, even during periods when their extramural funding has been depleted. Unexpected delays that occur during the process of reapplying for continued funding could potentially compromise ongoing faculty research programs. Principal Investigators (PIs) understand that extramural funding is essential to sustaining vital research programs; however, the School deems it important to provide bridge funding, in certain circumstances, to those PIs who are eligible.

Seed Grants

The aim of this program is to provide a modest level of "seed" funding for faculty to initiate research programs and obtain preliminary data. By participating in the program, faculty will gain experience in grant writing, project design and project execution. It is anticipated that data obtained and experience gained from participation in the program will help faculty compete for larger extramural grants. It is also expected that data obtained from these "seed" grants will be published in scientific journals and presented at scientific and professional meetings to aid in the scientific development of the faculty.

Equipment Grants

The equipment grant is an opportunity to secure funding for the purchase of capital equipment. The funding varies and is not guaranteed each year; however, every effort is made to identify sources of financial support for capital equipment purchases. Equipment Grant Application

Center for Research Excellence Awards

A Research Center is a program within the School of Pharmacy that attains extraordinary recognition for the School through superior research that produces measurable outcomes valued within and beyond TTUHSC. Because the available funding for these Centers varies each year (and is not determined until the Governor signs the appropriations bill), there are no absolutes regarding how many Centers are funded or for how long. Typically, one to two Research Centers is selected for funding each year. That funding may extend into a second year of support, but that also depends on available financial support.


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