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Community Outreach

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Fostering Student Community Outreach Efforts

While Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center supports and sponsors many outreach and service activities, the institution also makes it a priority to create an environment that fosters individual efforts by the students. There is a philosophy and belief that community service and volunteerism should be integrated into the learning experience. Highlighted student directed projects include medical mission trips into Juarez, Mexico; City Lights, a student lead fundraising efforts for children's organizations; and the Student Rural Health Organization.

  • Juarez Medical Missions Trip
  • City Lights Ball and Golf Tournament
  • Student Rural Health Organization
  • more...

Providing Special Outreach Care

As an academic health center, the TTUHSC mission to provide patient care is part of the teaching process for all its health professions students. The Health Sciences Center has taken this patient care and education process beyond its walls into the community to improve access to care to underserved and isolated populations - and the scope of this work goes far beyond our legislative mandate as an academic institution. Some of the key initiatives include:

  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Combest Wellness Center
  • Community Partnership Clinics - El Paso
  • Grand Expectations - Lubbock
  • Hart School-Based Pediatric Clinic
  • Aphasia Group Therapy Program - Lubbock
  • Telemedicine
  • more...
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Increasing Access to Health Care Services

Beyond patient care, the Health Sciences Center seeks to improve West Texans' access to health care services, by addressing the limitations that affect access as a result of both financial and cultural barriers to care. Some of the key programs that target these barriers include:

  • Community Health Worker Support - El Paso
  • Insure-a-kid School Outreach Program - Lubbock
  • Maternal and Child Case Management
  • West Texas Cares Program
  • more...

Assisting Underrepresented Students and Underserved Communities

To effectively address the health care needs of the West Texas region - which has historically been medically underserved with more than 80 percent of countries designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas - the Health Sciences Center recognized that developing a "pipeline" of young people into health care careers is crucial to ensuring the future health care work force in the region.

  • Promoting Health Careers to K-12
  • Rural Health Education Scholarship
  • Summer Pre-Medical Academy
  • Rural Community-Based Education
  • HealthMATCH
  • more...
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Promoting Healthy Living

A major component to improving community health is helping residents to better understand their role in taking care of their own health through good choices. The Health Sciences Center School of Medicine is integrally involved in disseminating healthy messages as well as actively working to positively change community culture to one that fosters healthful lifestyles. Several of the key programs include:

  • Alzheimer's Academy - Amarillo
  • CATCH in Rural Schools
  • Elder Law Seminars
  • Lecture Series for the Public on Healthy Aging
  • Healthy Lubbock Initiative
  • West Texas Rural EXPORT Center
  • West Texas Atlas of Rural Community Health
  • more...