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Steve Sosland

Chief People Officer

My key initiatives are to create a sustainable values-based culture; elevate our HR functions on all campuses to fully support the university's mission; and design and implement development programs for faculty, staff, and administrators throughout TTUHSC.

My goals for TTUHSC are to accomplish these initiatives and serve as a role model and champion for our values-based culture and organization. 




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We began our journey to create a sustainable values-based culture on May 2-3, 2018, when we invited 104 diverse TTUHSC team members to a Values Summit. The purpose of the summit was to develop a draft of the core values we commonly share, with four or five behaviors as guidelines to exhibiting them.

Next, we held over 90 listening tours on all our campuses and most of our managed care locations to gather input from more than 2600 TTUHSC team members to help edit the document. Since that time, we have committed to living a life of shared values and influencing others around us to do the same. We demonstrate our alignment by holding ourselves and others accountable to living these values each day. This is how we, as One Team, are helping to sustain our Values-Based Culture.

We are excited to be working on developing many ways to sustain this culture through innovation and interprofessional collaboration involving faculty, staff, students, and community members. Our five Values Integration Teams are meeting monthly to develop initiatives around team member coaching and professional development, online and in-person recognition of team members and teams, values-based recruiting and hiring, team member satisfaction and engagement, and an ever-increasing number of initiatives that will further integrate our values into our daily decisions and processes. Each of the following teams is focused on leading the journey towards sustainability.

Please contact Helen Davenport, our People & Values Advocate, at (806) 743-2005 or to join one of our integration teams.

Let’s work hard to recognize those who are living our values. Together, we will sustain our values-based culture and make a positive impact on our students, patients, TTUHSC community and each other.

Warm regards,

Steve Sosland
Chief People Officer
Texas Tech University System
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Thoughts and Readings

In the introduction of her new 2018 book, Dare to Lead, author Brené Brown summarizes interviews with 150 global C-level leaders on the future of leadership. Here are a few of the questions and responses.

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Ann Rhoades and Gayle Watson of People Ink facilitated our Values Summit. While serving as the Chief People Officer of Southwest Airlines, Ann led their effort to create a sustainable values-based culture there. I highly encourage everyone to read Ann's book Built on Values.

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