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Welcome to the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) School of Pharmacy. Since the 1996 opening of the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy, basic biomedical sciences have played an important role in the Doctor of Pharmacy education due to school’s major focus in clinical pharmacy. In the fall of 2009, this role was further emphasized by the formation of the Biomedical Sciences department.

Biomedical Sciences is the key to our understanding of normal and disease processes in human health. The Departmental faculty is essential to the educational mission of the School of Pharmacy’s Doctor of Pharmacy program and the TTUHSC Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences’ Doctor of Philosophy program. The department is presently comprised of twelve exceptional faculty members whose expertise and research interests include: cancer biology (chemoprevention, therapeutics, and drug resistance) vascular and renal pathophysiology, molecular and cellular signal transduction, neurobiology and epilepsy, natural products, genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. Department faculty members are responsible for teaching the basic biomedical sciences subjects, including human biochemistry, human anatomy, human physiology, cell biology, human genetics, biostatistics, advanced pathophysiology and molecular physiology. We are committed to supporting and delivering the comprehensive education at the School of Pharmacy. The department of Biomedical Sciences together with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offer the Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Because of the integrated training in biomedical and pharmaceutical science, our graduates have excellent career opportunities with academic institutions, the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries and governmental agencies. I invite you to visit our department through our website or contact me with specific questions or need more information about the Department. We value your input that is aimed at improving our education, research, and service.

Thanks for your interest in the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Thomas Thekkumkara, Ph.D.
University Distinguished Professor
Chair, Department of Biomedical Sciences