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Application FAQs

  • I can't find my college(s), what do I do now?
    • Try these colleges attended search tips:
      • Do not select city as one of the search terms. For example, for schools within the USA select Country and State but not city. Click on search. Click on the drop down arrow of the Results Found box and select your school.
      • If after searching you cannot find your school, select “The organization is not listed” and click Select under the search results box. Click on the box next to Unlisted School and enter the school information.
      • If you attended an international institution, most likely your institution will not come up in a search and you must manually enter your institution as an Unlisted School.
  • Strange characters have been inserted into my essay. What is the problem
    • Do not use special symbols, Greek letters, superscripts or subscripts. Pasting directly from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs may insert formatting codes into the text box. The best way to ensure that the text looks just like you intended is to cut and paste from a simple text editor.
  • My essay/statement of purpose doesn't fit, can I submit it manually?
    • The essay is limited to 3000 characters including spaces. If your statement does not fit, you must edit the essay to no more than the character limit and it must be submitted within the application. Essays mailed or emailed will not be considered.
  • When is the application deadline?
  • I can't submit my application and/or supplemental items by the deadline, may I have an extension?
    • Applications must be submitted and all supplemental items received by the application deadline to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Due to the volume of applications, we are unable to extend application deadlines or make exceptions.

Required supplemental items are applied to an application AFTER application submission. Log into your account and scroll down to see the supplemental items and status of those items. All required supplemental items must be received before an application is considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

  • What is the ETS institution code for GRE and TOEFL?
    • 6851
  • I want to use MCAT in lieu of GRE, what is the process?
    • Graduate Medical Sciences concentration in Biomedical Sciences MS, and Public Health MPH and Certificate may accept MCAT in lieu of GRE. To request MCAT in lieu of GRE, send an email to and include your AAMC ID and AAMC Verification Code. The Verification Code is on the MCAT display score report, and comprises four sets of numbers and letters. For example: ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP.
  • How much is the application fee?
    • $45 non-refundable fee payable by credit or debit card. Email for instructions if paying by check or money order.
  • How can I receive an application fee waiver?
    • Applicants who spoke to a GSBS representative and provided contact information at any of these events (ABRCMS, SACNAS, HACU, NCUR), McNair Scholars (requires documentation from institution), attendees at the annual GSBS Recruiting Dinner, attendees of Grad Fairs who spoke to a GSBS representative and provided contact information to the representative, at the discretion of the Senior Associate Dean, participants in our summer internship programs ABRI or SABR, as well as Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center staff (excluding faculty) are eligible for an application fee waiver.
    • Applicants to Biomedical Sciences PhD and Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD programs with complete applications by December 1 are eligible for an application fee waiver. A complete application is an application that has been submitted and all required supplemental items has been received.
  • How long should my essay be?
    • Essay/statement of purpose is limited to 3,000 characters including spaces.
  • How many recommendation letters are required?
    • We require a minimum of 2 letters and no more than 4.
  • Can I submit unofficial transcripts?
    • No – we do not accept unofficial transcripts and unofficial transcripts will not be reviewed.
  • Can I submit international transcripts and/or certificates in lieu of a course-by-course transcript evaluation?
    • No – the course-by-course transcript evaluation is a required supplemental item. Do not send international transcripts or certificates. International transcripts and certificates will not be reviewed.
  • Who should I ask for a recommendation?
    • As a general rule, applicants should request recommendations from a research mentor and faculty who can speak to your suitability for the academic program selected. More information regarding letters may be available on the program specific application information page.
  • How do I submit the name and email address for my recommenders?
    • Log in to and scroll down to the supplemental items. Enter the name and email address for each of your recommenders. She or he will receive an email with a link back to the online recommendation form. Letters submitted outside our online recommendation system are strongly discouraged. Applicants for the Graduate Medical Sciences concentration in Biomedical Sciences MS should refer to the specific information regarding recommendations to this program.
  • My recommender didn't get the email, what do I do?
    • Log into your account and verify the email address entered is correct. If the email address is correct, you may resend the recommendation email. If the email address is incorrect, correct it and resend. Your recommenders should check their junk email folder for an email from
  • I have already have sealed recommendation letters/Interfolio/medical school recommendations, can I submit those in lieu of the online recommendation form?
    • Letters submitted outside our online recommendation system are strongly discouraged, and some programs will not accept them. Please refer to your specific program application instructions for more information.
  • Do you accept recommendation letters via Interfolio?
    • Applicants are advised to solicit recommendations for your specific degree program application. Recommendations submitted outside our online recommendation system are strongly discouraged. Graduate Medical Sciences will not accept Interfolio letters.
  • What is my student ID number for the Oath of Residency?
    • If you are or have been a student, staff or faculty member at TTU or TTUHSC your R number is your student ID. Otherwise you may leave this field blank.
  • I received an error message when I try to submit my Oath of Residency. What is the problem?
  • How do I know which supplemental items have been received and what is missing?
    • Log in to your account and scroll down to supplemental items. You will see the status next to each supplemental item.
  • When will I be notified regarding an admission decision?
    • Each program/concentration has an internal application review and forwards to the GSBS Admissions Committee those applicants to be considered for admission. Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD applications are not sent to the GSBS Admissions Committee for consideration. Questions regarding the status of your application review should be addressed to the program contact listed on this page.
  • How do I submit my resume/CV?
    • Resume/CV is only required for PhD applications and is uploaded as a required supplemental item for the application. Other applicants may email the document to
  • Do I submit my immunizations record upon application or upon offer acceptance?
    • Immunization records are only required for applicants who are offered and accept admission.
  • Must I find a PhD mentor prior to applying to your Biomedical Sciences or Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD program?
    • No. Biomedical Sciences PhD students are undeclared and rotate in labs prior to selecting a research mentor and concentration. Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD students are notified upon admission offer if assigned to a PhD mentor or required to complete lab rotations prior to selecting a mentor. Both programs have their own application review and admission process, and correspondence with faculty does not guarantee admission.
  • I get a not secure error message from my browser when I go to, what should I do?
    • Copy THIS LINK and paste it directly into the browser


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