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Translational Neuroscience & Pharmacology Graduate Concentration

 The objective of the Translational Neuroscience & Pharmacology graduate concentration is to prepare students for a broad range of potential careers, including research and teaching.

The Faculty of the graduate concentration seek to:

  • Foster a creative and productive research environment
  • Provide encouragement and positive challenge
  • Equip students with the intellectual tools and critical thinking skills they will need to be effective teachers, investigators, etc.

Specialized research training is available in the following areas:

Neurodengenerative Disorder

Concentration Information

All Biomedical Sciences PhD students are admitted as Undeclared and may later select a mentor within the Translation Neuroscience and Phamacology graduate concentration. In addition, the department houses the Center of Excellence For Translational Neuroscience and Therapeutics (CTNT), a team of both basic science and clinical faculty with research interests focused on all aspects of translational neuroscience.

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