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The M.S. in Biomedical Sciences (Graduate Medical Sciences track) is a 2-year non-thesis Master of Science degree offered through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. It is designed for students whose goal is a teaching career in the anatomical sciences, or who need additional preparation for medical school.

Dr. Weitlauf Teaching


Students take courses in the anatomical and physiological sciences with the first year medical students and in modern instructional methods and design, and will participate in the teaching mission of the medical school as teaching assistants.


Students will be required to design and carry out an education project in Anatomy or Histology under the direction of the respective course director. The project will be designed according to the needs of these courses and matched to the interest of the students. Examples of a project might include: self-directed learning units/sessions, or upgrading or creation of educational materials as presented on Sakai.


Students may have a Bachelor’s degree in any field but must include typical science courses (Chemistry, Biology, Zoology/Animal Science, etc.). A strong science background is encouraged. This program will not fulfill undergraduate medical school prerequisites, and students who eventually wish to pursue admission to a medical school should note the admissions requirements.


Requirements for admission are flexible and there are no minimum GPA or GRE requirements. Students may request that MCAT scores be submitted in lieu of GRE scores, and such waiver requests should be sent to the Averages for applicants offered admission to the Graduate Medical Sciences concentration over the past 5 years are:  GRE 310 (1220 old scoring system), MCAT 27, and undergraduate GPA 3.6. Texas residents are preferred, however all completed applications will be considered for admission.  Please visit the following link for GSBS application deadlines and other information:


Applications for the Fall 2018 admission cycle close March 1, 2018. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All applications must be submitted by the application deadline and we must receive the following supporting documents by the deadline: official transcripts, official GRE/MCAT, minimum of two reference letters, and essay/statement of purpose.


Laptop Requirement

The Graduate Medical Sciences concentration requires all students to own a personal laptop computer. The majority of course lecture notes, daily class schedules, and other curriculum related information are provided through the Sakai software portal. These resources include lecture presentations, streaming media and online assignments. The following link provides general recommendations for laptop configuration: click here.


For more information, please contact Tracy Cowin at 806-743-2556 or email


Graduate Medical Sciences Concentration Guidelines


Sample Curriculum

Year 1, Fall

GMED 5001 Gross Anatomy

GMED 5002 Biology of Cells and Tissues

Total Credit Hours: 11

Year 1, Spring

GPHY 5904 Systems Physiology

GMED 5110 Surgical Gross Anatomy

Total Credit Hours: 10

Year 2, Fall

GMED 5004 Advanced Training in Histology

GMED 5005 Advanced Training in Anatomy

GMED 7000 Research (Begin Project)

Total Credit Hours: 9

Year 2, Spring

GMED 5310 Educational Project in Biomedical Sciences

GCMB 6320 Advanced Cell Biology

GMED 7000 Research (Complete Project)

GSBS 5101 Responsible Conduct of Research

Total Credit Hours: 9